Music games – 10 hot

July 6, 2021
Music games – 10 hot

A selection of top music games that uplift, stimulate reaction and tact, develop motor skills and choreography, and keep players in top physical shape at all times.

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Pixel dance roglike from Brace Yourself Games. In fact, this is a rather unusual, in many ways complex rhythm game in which the player must explore randomly generated dungeons, moving and fighting a variety of enemies in time to a variety of tunes from Danny Baranovski. It is possible to unlock new modes, heroes and other content as you progress. It is possible to import your own MP3s into the game.

Guitar Hero

A famous series of games that turns gamers into virtual rock guitarists. To date, the series has released many games and add-ons across a variety of platforms. All of them give players the chance to perform glorified hits from world famous rock bands. It is clear that the simulation of playing the guitar itself is simplified to the limit. For this, a wonderful game pad is used, reminiscent of a miniature version of a Gibson guitar. But in its absence, you can use a standard console gamepad.

Songbird Symphony

A funny and touching game about the adventures of a cute little bird named Ptychk, who is trying to find his parents and reveal the secret of his origin. In terms of gameplay, Songbird Symphony is a unique 2D platformer with rhythm game elements. The fact is that Ptychk loves to sing and uses his singing skills in boss battles. It looks like mini-games with QTE mechanics.


A musical racing puzzle game of two games that are the best in the genre. The perfect way to have fun and relax while enjoying the bright neon visuals with your favorite tracks.

Couple Pa: City of Dances

A multiplayer game in the format of a life simulator, one of the most popular in the post-Soviet space, which both boys and girls are happy to play. Players create their own virtual Alter ego, communicate with each other, create interest groups, decorate and dress up their characters, pump skills (there are elements of classic RPGs), complete tasks and participate in events. And, of course, they dance a lot and selflessly on various dance floors of the vast world of Para Pa.

Rock Band

Arguably the most iconic music game series, created in partnership with Harmonix Music (a leading producer of video games about music, dance and chanting) and MTV Games (a special division of the famous cable channel). Rock Band allows players to put together their own band of up to 4 people and start developing their own musical careers, performing famous rock hits, downloadable in DLC format.

Beat Saber

A music game designed specifically for VR devices. By playing Beat Saber, the user gets not only a portion of great music and adrenaline high-speed races through futuristic levels in virtual reality, during which you need to cut objects flying at you with lightsabers, but also the opportunity to move properly, working on your reaction and attention, and also get the optimal amount of cardio workouts.

Geometry Dash

The runner and platformer, which first appeared on smartphones, received universal approval and recognition, after which it was added to the Steam library, where it was also received very favorably (almost 70,000 positive reviews) and is still one of the leaders in the rhythm game categories. and a music game. Outwardly, everything seems very simple – a geometric figure moves non-stop to cheerful music along minimalistic levels, dazzling with acid colors. In this case, the player only needs to timely make jumps and bounces on all 4 surfaces. But in reality it is not so easy to do, but the game is addictive and captivating.

Just Dance

One of the most popular dance simulators, offering a mind-boggling number of dance hits (over 200), a dozen different modes (including online pair dancing) and a striking design of the game itself. Plus, Just Dance 2017 content is constantly updated, adding new trending hits to the track library.

Muse Dash

Cool rhythm game, simple, using only two keys in control, but very bright and dynamic. Several anime characters, pleasant vigorous animation with parkour, thousands of sparkling effects in the spirit of anime and half a dozen perky compositions – all this will definitely appeal to fans of music games.

And some more excellent computer games on the theme of music, singing and dancing: MSTAR, Just Shapes & Beats, Music Racer, Intralism, Sayonara Wild Hearts.