Google Play Games – A whole universe of gaming entertainment

January 26, 2023
Google Play Games – A whole universe of gaming entertainment

Google Play Games is an infotainment service officially available on the Android operating system, built into the Play Market digital store, and distributed under the guise of “cloud storage” with the manners of a competitive platform.

Google Play Games records saves and information about the current status of the passage (such a function allows you to easily change equipment and continue what you have already started in a new place, the main thing is to log in to the network), takes into account earned achievements, allows you to track your position in the leaderboard and helps in just a few clicks organize a real duel by inviting friends, acquaintances and even random opponents.

The idea of the service is not new and exactly repeats the Game Center system available on iOS (or XBOX Live on Windows Phone), but it was the developers from Google who brought the functionality to perfection and reinvented the way to compete on mobile platforms.

Where and how to download Google Play Games?

Separately from the Play Market (a digital store of applications, films, music and books), it is impossible to download Google Play Games – the service is “embedded” into the system and is available only on the Android operating system. The only way to try out this technology is to download an emulator like Bluestacks, Andy or NOX App Player to your personal computers and, after logging in with your Google account, start having fun.

Google Play Games
Google Play Games
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Google Play Games for Android

In this case, the records of the current passage, ratings and saves will indeed be transferred to the cloud and become available from completely different platforms. But this method can hardly be called convenient and intuitive – you have to dig a little in the settings, and at the same time take care of the high performance of your PC. Some entertainment in the emulator runs only under certain conditions and requires “powerful stuffing”.

Game App Concept by Google

The free Google Play Games service is really divided into three parts connected by a common idea.

Google Play Games

First of all, it is “Save” that stands out. Progress is always saved in the cloud storage and stays there indefinitely. Even if the entertainment has long been boring and has ceased to bring pleasure, no one bothers to return to the passage ten years later – the save files will remain in place.

However, the shelf life is not the most important plus. Synchronization is also impressive. “Progress” is equal for all devices where authorization is performed in the same Google account.

The second important plus is the “Achievements”, which are invented by the developers and are issued depending on the performance of some particularly difficult actions, and the “Ratings” are also impressive, updated daily, weekly and monthly. To get into the list of such “champions” is another task, but you can immediately tell your friends and relatives about the status you have received, let them rejoice!

Google Play Games provides multi-functionality!

The last part of the Google Play Games service is multiplayer. Network duels, bloody battles and other competitions are allotted a whole piece of the interface, where, firstly, invitations are issued (using social networks or directly). And, secondly, they allow you to communicate in voice and text chat. In addition to messages, emoticons and even stickers are available. Impressive? And this was not enough for the guys from Google.

Google Play Games

In the multiplayer section, you can even post news, photos and other content that can, if not attract attention, then at least become a platform for your own self-realization. Of the minuses of such a menu – a strange, not brought to mind the location of some buttons and parts of the interface. Instead of a competent distribution of information blocks across the entire latitude, pictures and news are located on the left side of the screen and are highly compressed.

What else will please the application?

The advantages of Google Play Games described above are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the functionality is constantly being refined and acquires new features that cannot be described right away – sometimes there are too reactive changes and unexpected results.

BlueStacks for Windows

But what exactly is worth paying attention to is the method of authorization in the service. Nothing needs to be downloaded additionally, no parameters to study and instructions to parse and memorize. It is enough to log in to your Google account, download the entertainment you like from the Play Market (both on Android and on a PC through an emulator) and start playing. Google Play Games service will work automatically!

The only thing to keep in mind is modifications. Hacked applications do not add statistics to the site and do not allow participation in multiplayer competitions and ratings.

Google Play Games is a whirlwind way to spend time online, without stopping the endless stream of competition: here you can chat, share news, experiment and move towards unprecedented results, to the sonorous hum of allies or invincible competitors.