Direct on Instagram: a detailed overview of the messaging functions

November 4, 2021
Direct on Instagram: a detailed overview of the messaging functions

Like many social networks, Instagram is a way to write and receive messages. But there are some differences. Also, the service itself annually releases many updates that not everyone knows about.


Unlike other social networks, Instagram is not that easy to write to strangers. You need to subscribe to the person. And if he accepts the application, then you can already write to him. At first it may seem that this is a very inconvenient limitation, but on the contrary it helps. You no longer need to read spam and messages from strange people. After all, if people know each other, then they will subscribe to each other and will be able to communicate freely. So you can avoid unwanted dialogues. If you wish, you can block some users who behave inappropriately.

Also in the directo there is an opportunity to create a group conversation. You can add 15 people to it at once. It is very convenient, as it is possible to communicate with all your friends or colleagues. And in messages, you can send not only pictures and videos, but also the location of the cafe or stories. The user can still delete his posts at any time. They completely disappear from the chat and can no longer be seen.

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Like WhatsApp, the platform allows you to record audio messages. You can also video chat with your contacts. And despite the fact that other messengers have similar features, Instagram still goes far ahead. Perhaps the fact is that this is not just a service for sending messages, but also a real social network.

How to write

If a person is already in subscribers, then he can be easily found by searching in dialogues. You can also go to your profile, click on the icon in the upper right corner and select “send a message” from the list. In addition, you can forward posts to your friends and acquaintances. There is a blue arrow below each entry. You need to click it and select the right person in the list of contacts.

Login to direct from PC

The most convenient way is to download a special application. Of course, you can go to Instagram from a browser, but this is not very convenient. You can download the official app anywhere. It is best to download it from licensed sites, not from torrents. But the downside is that due to updates, the social network is only available to Windows 10 owners.

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Some people download a simulator of a mobile application. To many, it seems more familiar and convenient. The most popular such application is Blue Stacks, which completely replicates the phone screen and mobile interface. And if a person just needs to check messages, then the service is suitable, which allows you to read and send messages without anything superfluous.


Account creators can now decide for themselves who can message them. It is possible to remove restrictions and allow absolutely all users to send messages. But few people do this because it is inconvenient. The feature will only help in cases where a blogger or brand wants to receive feedback and suggestions from their subscribers. In order to change this function, you need to go to the settings and uncheck the box on the restrictions on sending messages. And as a result, everyone, without exception, will be able to write to the user.

Also, recently, you can not send messages too often. This limitation was made to combat spam and automated submissions. Now, if a user sends more than 50 messages to a person who is not subscribed to him, he will be blocked. His page will be deleted, and it will be impossible to restore it. Therefore, do not get carried away and send too many photos or memes. But the good news is that your subscribers can send up to 100 messages. But usually, when communicating, few people send messages as often. Therefore, you should not worry about blocking your account.

In addition, you can no longer write long texts. Instagram users cannot write more than 500 characters in one post. So you have to either divide your story into parts or write shorter. But usually this limitation does not cause annoyance, because few people write huge texts in direct.

Dealing with the settings of the direct is very simple. It allows you to quickly exchange messages with subscribers with text or video. Everyone should stay tuned for Instagram updates because it changes every year and offers its users something new.