Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

June 28, 2018
Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

In modern realities, it is not surprising that with the help of mobile gadgets you can take pictures of good quality, which is what most smartphone owners do. But to reveal the full potential of the camera, the standard means of the system are not enough to show their artistic abilities to a mobile photographer. Photo editors make it possible to give pictures artistic brightness and originality.

The best photo editing apps for Android ensure efficient processing of images at a good level, their posting on social networks. It is not so easy for those who like to take photos and selfies to choose the right program. There are a lot of graphic editors in the Android app store, and each program has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Android OS has given scope to software developers in terms of creating multifunctional photo editors. When choosing a program, novice mobile photographers have to rely on relevance, user reviews and TOP applications for photo editing on Android.

Interesting fact! Android was originally created as an operating platform for digital cameras, and later it was used on smartphones.


PhotoEditor is considered by many users to be one of the best Photoshop apps for Android.

The editor allows you to:

  • apply special effects to pictures;
  • crop and unfold captured frames;
  • frame with a border;
  • edit color palette;
  • remove noise.

PhotoEditor differs from other similar programs in the function of imposing filters and layers, typical for working with PDF format files, in the functionality of batch processing in a single style (performing certain actions with several images at the same time). Of the minuses, the lack of the ability to create photo collages is noted.


The Aviary app is quite popular in the user environment. It differs from analogs in ease of use due to the optimal set of basic tools and an easy-to-learn interface. This free graphics software deserves the status of the best photo editor app for Android.

An extended functional set, if desired, the user can purchase on a paid basis. Of the minuses, it is noted that the program does not have its own gallery.

Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch is a powerful photo editor that allows you not only to edit pictures, but also to create collages based on frames taken with a smartphone camera and images downloaded from the Internet.

Photoshop Touch has a built-in function of sending photo-drawings in PSD format by e-mail, there is synchronization with the cloud storage, the ability to select the interface display language (English, French, German, Russian and other language formats are supported). Of the minuses, the editor’s work slows down on weak models of mobile devices.

Interesting fact! In mobile photography, frame processing is just a way to correct shortcomings, improve images, and give originality. For people who are fond of shooting, it is important to understand more important things – the correct alignment of the composition of the frame, the lighting of the subject being shot.


Cymera is a multifunctional editor focused on fast processing of photo portraits and selfies. There are all the necessary tools for creating collages and animation frames. The peculiarity of Cymera is the presence of a convenient “Auto Level” function, through which the sharpness, saturation, and brightness of the frame are adjusted when shooting in automatic mode.

Also, edited photos can be uploaded to social networks directly from the application. As a minus, the complexity of navigation and some stability problems are noted.

Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps on Android

Snapseed is a good all-round graphics editor with easy-to-use, no-nonsense tools and filters for creatives who like to carefully edit their footage.

Snapseed differs from other free platforms in the absence of pop-up advertising banners, in the presence of white correction functionality: automatically, pointwise and changing the shades of the photo, 4 options for brushes and many other artistic tools. Of the shortcomings of Snapseed, there is a weak support for Russified fonts in the “Text” tab and not in all modes it is possible to undo one step, and not the entire adjustment in its entirety.

Interesting fact! The worldwide popularity of the mobile photography subculture has spawned a lucrative new profession Instagram photographers.