Best Music Maker Apps for Android

May 15, 2018
Best Music Maker Apps for Android

Of course, you cannot compare a telephone application (even if it is the highest quality software) with the capabilities of a full-fledged recording studio.

However, if you are just starting your steps in the field of music creation, or vice versa, do not want to part with what you love even on the road, then at your service – top apps for making music for Android.

Music Maker JAM

The Music Maker JAM app name is proudly Editors’ Choice. And the creators themselves, the company Just Add Music from Berlin, call their brainchild “the number one application in the world for creating music” – and they can be trusted, because somewhere, where, and in Berlin, they definitely know a lot about good electronic music. The arsenal of this application has the following functions:

  • making music from scratch;
  • access to the database of ready-made samples (limited – with free use and full – after purchasing a subscription),
  • An important feature of the top music production app is recording your voice and post-processing it;
  • an opportunity to share the results of your creativity with like-minded people.

Walk Band

Walk Band from Revontulet is in the top of the apps for making music for Android. Revontulet also has a track record of creating a mobile piano simulator Perfect Piano. And if in the latter the creators completely focused on realizing the capabilities of one instrument, then Walk Band is a whole music studio in your smartphone. Imagine having access to multiple keyboards, drums, and guitar at once. The software also supports a Midi keyboard connected via a USB port.

Interesting fact! No matter how much we would like to upset Android owners, but, every single one, users agree that iOS applications in music creation are gaining the upper hand and far ahead of their Android counterparts (and Windows even more so). This is because Apple devices provide minimal latency between button presses and audio playback.

FL Studio Mobile

Our compatriots used to call this program Fruity Loops.

Desktop FL Studio is a quality software that is used by many professional musicians. In 2011, FL Studio was released in a mobile version and became available first on iOS devices, and in 2013 – on Android. Unlike the two previous applications, this one is initially paid.

Music Mixer edjing Mix

This application invites you to try yourself as a DJ, creating new songs based on the existing ones.

The mixer is integrated with music services Soundcloud and Deezer – music for creative experiments can be downloaded directly from there. Edjing also has its own sample library, however in the free version you will only have access to the main 16 of them.

Cross DJ

Cross DJ is another mobile DJing app.

His developer company Mixvibes specializes in creating professional software for DJs. At your disposal is a sampler, the ability to add various effects and gadgets, and in the paid version, you can also record sound in high quality.

DrumPads 24 – the brightest music production software for Android

Among all the other TOP apps for creating and editing music for Android, DrumPads 24 stands out for its design and simplicity.

If all of the above programs scare you with an abundance of buttons with incomprehensible functions, then DrumPads is what you need. You only have a screen at your disposal, divided into several multi-colored squares. By clicking on the shapes, you can extract different sounds and play beats.

Interesting fact! Most musicians agree that such programs are a kind of “notebook” for musical notes. If inspiration has caught up with you unexpectedly, and you are afraid to forget the composed motive, you can play it in the most convenient music creation application for you. And only then work with the material on good equipment.


The MixPads mixer works in the same way as the previous application.

To some, it will seem even easier – because here the square buttons are located in separate groups (drums, bass, vocals, and so on) and are even signed. An accessible interface allows you to quickly and easily get involved in the creative process.


SunVox is little known all over the world, but domestic users who deal with music rate it quite highly.

In addition to the mobile version (which, by the way, is paid), there is also a corresponding program for the desktop PC. Lovers of a colorful interface may be scared off by an outdated design, but for music professionals, the sound is important, not the picture.


The logo of this application flaunts a test tube with a hint inside – its creators consider the process of making music a real alchemical mystery.

First of all, BandLab is a cloud platform, so you will have access to your developments from any device on which this program is installed.


HumOn is striking in its simplicity: in order to create a melody, you just need to hum it. The program analyzes the recording of your voice, then you select the desired style and format, and – the masterpiece is ready.

Interesting fact! The developers of the music app Garage Band for iOS can be proud of using their product in the works of famous pop artists – Rihanna, Usher, Oasis, Radiohead. But even the best known applications for creating your own music on Android, unfortunately, cannot yet boast of such, for the most part remaining entertainment for amateurs, and not a professional sound recording tool.