Android TV apps

October 22, 2021
Android TV apps

You do not need to purchase a TV to watch TV channels. If you have a good smartphone, you can install the appropriate program for watching TV and video on it.


In the arsenal of this program there are more than 100 television channels. At the same time, the user will not be bored with advertising. If necessary, you can use the TV program guide.


SPB TV Россия – ТВ онлайн
SPB TV Россия – ТВ онлайн
ПАО "ВымпелКом"
SPB TV Россия – ТВ онлайн for AndroidSPB TV for iOSSPB TV for Windows

You can use the picture-in-picture view in this application. In addition, you can quickly switch between TV programs. The application supports 3G technology, so you can watch TV even while traveling. At the same time, the program is completely Russified. The picture quality can be adjusted manually.


ViNTERA TV – Online TV, IPTV for Android

With this application, you can view not only terrestrial channels, but also local providers. If necessary, you can adjust the quality of the content. Among the advantages of the application, it is worth highlighting a wide range of broadcasting, a simple and intuitive interface, as well as the presence of individual settings.

Premium TV

In this application, you can not only watch TV channels, but also get acquainted with the program guide. We recommend using a Wi-Fi network and MX Player for a good viewing experience. The application works with the 3G network.

Our TV

There are over 150 TV channels in the app. Moreover, the user will be able to view channels on different topics (sports, music, films, etc.).


VLC for Android
VLC for Android
VLC for Android for AndroidVLC media player for iOSVLC for Windows

This is a regular video player, which will not be able to watch TV channels, but you can open any modern video file format. There is also the ability to play streaming video from the Internet. Any beginner will understand the menu, as it is simple and extremely clear.

Infuse 5

It features a nice and simple interface, and also supports many video formats. In addition, it is possible to download subtitles for videos, which is provided thanks to the OpenSubtitles service.

MX Player

MX Player
MX Player
MX Media & Entertainment Pte Ltd
MX Player for AndroidMX Player for iOS

The program allows you to view any video. At the same time, the picture can be reduced or enlarged, and there is also the possibility of connecting subtitles. The latter are downloaded from the Internet. If you want, you can change the theme in the application, and the program does not require a lot of memory to run.

PlayerXtreme Media Player

The player supports many modern video formats and has gesture control. Videos can be viewed from a computer, websites or NAS storage.