ZenMate VPN is a multifunctional VPN client that provides protection of personal information, bypass regional blocking and access to the network at maximum speeds regardless of the region of operation and the chosen platform. ZenMate developers offer to use the listed advantages for a fee, but without ads and annoying restrictions that competitors are famous for.

In addition to the paid subscription, the client is distinguished by mandatory registration, which provides for the use of one account on 5 platforms at once – browsers, computers, smartphones and tablets – from now on, the whole family can be provided with secure access to the network.

ZenMate VPN functionality

The ZenMate VPN service does not reinvent the genre or offer things that competitors have never dreamed of before. Quite the opposite – the developers from ZenGuard are focused on the already familiar elements, which now function at maximum speeds, and even without technical problems. Therefore, the ZenMate functionality is almost classic:

  • Protect confidential information with multi-stage encryption and proxy servers. Logins, passwords, visited pages and search queries – information that previously could be obtained by third parties and fraudsters remotely is now hidden from prying eyes and is not stored anywhere.
  • The developers of the ZenMate service promise not to use the data entered by community members during registration. Say, such a maneuver is necessary to distribute a Premium subscription to several devices at once.
  • Unlimited access to content by changing virtual location information. Regional bans will no longer be a reason to skip entertainment or news content.
  • The servers available in ZenMate are speed-free and allow you to freely interact even with streaming video resources.
  • Starting settings, apart from registration, are not useful – just press a few buttons and the result is already on the screen – maximum protection and unlimited access. The only thing worth preparing for right away is choosing a server in those moments when it was necessary to bypass the locks of a particular country. But here, too, problems should not arise – through a single menu with parameters, the server is selected with closed eyes.

There are several things worth highlighting from the proposed set of ZenMate VPN parameters: the ability to manually select servers, set up push notifications that warn you about the need to reboot, and change the language, and select a personal profile. Formally, the listed set of parameters is difficult to perceive as something unexpected, but in fact, even such trifles change the operating experience for the better.

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Category Tools
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 3+
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