The YouTube Music app has an almost endless catalog of songs and videos.

You can listen to music for free or purchase a YouTube Red subscription to turn off ads.

YouTube Music developers have worked literally every interface element, came up with hot buttons, settings, gesture system, quick access to certain settings and saved playlists. And, if the free version suffers from advertisements and annoying pauses in the wrong places, then with a subscription it remains to enjoy, dance and sing along.

In terms of third-party functionality, YouTube Music is a complete standard. There is a search, a section with news and “Top-lists”, as well as video clips and new selections depending on the genre. The system of automatic recommendations, depending on a million different indicators, stands apart: recent activity, current subscriptions to artists, likes placed, current location, attitude to genres. As a result, if the muse of creativity leaves at some point, then YouTube Music will definitely not leave you at the bottom of the trough and will help you re-collect your thoughts and even experiment with what has never been seen before.

YouTube’s first dedicated music app

  • Radio stations – collections of similar videos that can be launched from any video.
  • Personalized radio stations made just for you.
  • Recordings of concerts.

Rich YouTube Music for Android

  • Works by newcomers and compositions of world music superstars.
  • Time-tested live recordings
  • Official videos, playlists, remixes, covers and more.

All the benefits of YouTube Red subscription

  • Watch the video without ads.
  • Enjoy YouTube Music even when the screen is off.
  • Add songs offline.

You can try YouTube Red for one month for free. Offer is valid only once and only for those who are not yet a YouTube Red user or Google Play Music . The fee will start to be charged only after the end of the trial period.

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