YouTube Kids for Android

YouTube Kids for Android


YouTube Kids is a free app designed specifically for young viewers and their parents. It contains a variety of fun and educational videos for the whole family.

We do our best to ensure that only family-friendly content gets into the YouTube Kids app, but there is no perfect system. If any video seems inappropriate to you, click the “Complain” button. We will review and remove this video unless it is truly intended for children.

YouTube Kids Features

  • The YouTube Kids app is easy to navigate. All videos are divided into four categories: “Show”, “Music”, “Training” and “Kaleidoscope”. Especially for the most
    small ones, we increased the size of the buttons, created a convenient scrolling and made it so that you can go to full screen mode with one touch. Family-friendly features are also available: if you have a Smart TV or a TV with Chromecast or game console, you can watch any video from the YouTube Kids app on the big screen.
  • The collection includes entertainment and educational videos on a variety of topics, as well as popular children’s channels. Among them are Masha and the Bear, Luntik, Barboskins, Fixies, as well as Soyuzmultfilm, Smeshariki and Peppa Pig.
  • Every family and child is different, so we’ve added adult-specific settings so you can control what your child can access. If you turn off the search function, it will only be able to watch videos on the home screen. And with a timer, you can limit how long you can use the YouTube Kids app.

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