YouCam Perfect is a multifunctional photomontage tool equipped with elements of a beauty camera that supports an advanced virtual make-up system.

Expressive eyes, memorable facial features and curious details in every inch of the prepared shot. Working with a camera has never been easier and more effortless. And most importantly, the developers offer to immediately forget about some skills and meanings: in a graphic editor from Perfect Corp. welcome to everyone – including beginners.

Photo Editor

Snapshots added to YouCam Perfect are easy to modify with pre-generated and immediately available automatic processing algorithms. Effects, filters, background blur tools, advanced HDR – even beginners who have never encountered such things will be able to join the slender ranks of professional photographers in a few minutes.

Beauty Camera

An important feature of the editor is the ability to apply effects and use masks on upcoming selfies and videos. Formally, the developers propose to swap the processes of photography and subsequent editing. That is, you should first adjust the light and design, and then click on the shutter click. Oddly enough, this scheme really works.


Collages, frames, custom scenes, Instagram filters, Facebook stickers: while competitors are trying to reinvent the wheel, the authors of YouCam Perfect allow the use of long-standing elements from social networks, moving on the path to perfection. The only thing badly lacking is ad protection. Too often, you have to hide alerts as you choose the right items and options.


In addition to superficial and semi-automatic processing of frames, the editor allows you to change the shape of the face, smooth the skin, add whiteness to the teeth, volume to the lips, and an expressive contour to the eyes. Each of the elements is applied in a dedicated section with virtual makeup.

This means that you no longer have to prepare for photography – technologies from the near future will figure everything out. However, not everything still works perfectly. The same “Smile” function is still able to turn everyone into a real maniac with a sly grin.


Thoughtful pictures in YouCam Perfect are easy to upload to social networks or send to friends via instant messengers. And the main reason for this is a separate function presented in the editor specifically for the quick release of photos and processed images in the selected information and entertainment space.

Just choose a destination, add a couple of hashtags and a description, and you can immediately admire the result. YouCam Perfect will highlight the beauty of your face in an instant. An extensive set of tools will enhance your images. Correct your face tone, tired eyes, remove wrinkles and correct facial features with just a few strokes!

YouCam Perfect Features

  • Keep up to date with the latest makeup, fashion and style trends
  • Follow the beauty experts and other Beauty Circle users whose photos and posts will inspire
  • Share your style by posting a photo on your profile and tagging the products used to create your look
  • Buy and write reviews of your favorite brands.
  • Visit Beauty Circle through YouCam Makeup or YouCam Perfect
  • Real-time skin beautifier will make your skin glow!
  • Capture yourself and your friends on video and bring your selfies to life!
  • Apply stylish effects in preview mode and preview the result before taking a photo
  • Defining a group of faces will help you process each face in your group selfies or “Yuzi”
  • Choose from 6 levels of beauty – from natural to glamorous
  • The Smile feature makes it easy to create a natural smile in individual and group photos
  • Front and rear cameras, timer, flash and more
  • AutoBuyifier improves immediately after the shot
  • Slice and rotate the photo as you like
  • Skin Smoother will transform dry skin and remove wrinkles
  • Skin lightener refreshes tired and dark skin
  • Flaw Remover will remove annoying flaws
  • Add blush and remove shine for a radiant face even without makeup
  • A symmetrical elongated face can become a reality in minutes
  • Contour the face, express true beauty
  • The nose of your dreams with YouCam Perfect

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