Yahoo Search – now you can find the information you want faster and easier. Yahoo’s minimalist design allows you to instantly get the information you need in a visual form.

Yahoo Search is an officially distributed service focused on instantly collecting information depending on the added text or voice queries. Information is selected from different sources, and then sorted and presented in different guises – starting with a list with links to the source, and ending with a set of photographs or interactive maps with which it is easy to build a walking or car route.

Design of Yahoo Search is minimalistic – the developers deliberately abandoned additional interface elements, optimizing both the loading speed of the service during standard use and during processing of search queries. As a result, there are no phantom clicks, problems with adaptation or learning buttons: everything is already at hand for a long time, all that remains is to focus on absorbing the gifts available on the web!

Yahoo Search Features

  • A search helper that suggests suggestions as you type.
  • Voice search on Yahoo for added convenience.
  • Quick local search with combined map and list display (US only)

Hints when typing search queries. Yahoo is able to predict the final combinations in advance. You will no longer have to type the offer in its entirety, or you will not have to think over the rest of the request details: there will be a chance to choose the appropriate option from those that appeared on the screen.

The presence of voice search, which greatly simplifies the preparation of the next request. Activate your microphone, say a few words or a sentence, and Yahoo Search will immediately try to find the information you need. Of the advantages – lightning-fast recognition of the spoken text, regardless of the language. English, Russian and Traditional Chinese are learned equally quickly.

Depending on the answers found, Yahoo Search is able to present information in several ways – in the form of a list, using a map, through tables, or in the format of ready-made answers, if the request is related to the number of continents on Earth or with simple mathematical examples.

Yahoo Search supports gestures on mobile platforms. To navigate between categories (images, map, video), just slide your finger across the screen from left to right. The reload page works in the standard way – you have to swipe from top to bottom.

The developers have not prepared too many settings, but those that are available suggest changing security settings, clearing history, or storing information about logins and passwords for authorization in memory without manually entering confidential data.

The Yahoo search engine is visually and technically different from competitors’ offerings. In the interface, you cannot find complex animated transitions, multi-colored buttons that occupy half of the screen, or advertising that works on a target. Quite the opposite – the design is minimalistic and every step is predictable.

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