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Wrestling Revolution – The original 2D wrestling game that kicked off the mobile revolution – now boasting over 10 MILLION downloads!

It dates back to the 16-bit heyday of the genre where fun comes first, and the versatile animation system means anything can happen at any moment – with as many wrestlers in the ring as your device can handle! Create your own star and embark on an endless career full of opportunity as you try to take the right moves behind the scenes as well as in the ring.

Or just breathe out in the “Exhibition” matches of your own creation – where you set the rules, choose the players and design the arena! After turning on “Pro”, your editing rights are extended even to save your changes in all 350 characters in 9 lists.

The controls in the Wrestling revolution cannot be called simple: there are quite a few combinations, and each has its own button on the keyboard. To remember what you have to fill a couple of cones with. Another thing is a smartphone. Wrestling revolution for “Android” or “iPhone” looks like this: on the left of the screen there is a joystick, on the right – 5 buttons. With the help of these controls it is possible to do simple strikes, grabs, jumps and tricks. As in most games, the controls can be changed “for yourself” in the “Options” menu.

Game Features

Despite the poor graphics, clumsy management, “Wrestling Revolution” has a number of features:

  • detailed study of the career process;
  • over 300 characters;
  • many types of arenas, including circular ones;
  • entertaining matches to build a rating;
  • the ability to create your own matches.

The game leaves a mixed impression. Wrestling fans will love it due to the meticulous attention to detail. There is no Wrestling revolution 3D in Russian, but games in this genre do not need translation, everything is intuitive. The game is perfect for those who want to lose steam, throw out aggression, but in real life it is not always possible to do this. Here gamers will find an exciting process and exciting emotions.

There are 3 modes to choose from in the start menu of Wrestling revolution android: training, show and career. Each of them has its own characteristics.

  • In the training mode, the user selects one of the 10 available pairs of characters, after which it will also be necessary to select a fighter for whom the user will play. There is also a coach in the ring who gives tips to inexperienced players.
  • Exhibition is a mode in which the player himself sets the rules of battle. The user can independently choose opponents, set restrictions and design the ring.
  • Career mode is a linear grid of opponents, where each of the following is stronger than the previous one. You can start playing in this mode with one character in a specific place, you cannot change this data later.

Technical and visual side

In the Wrestling revolution application itself, you can choose the settings for the power of the mobile device, for example, disable some visual effects or set the CPU level. There are also settings that affect the gameplay, such as match length, game speed, character limit. Visually, the game is quite pleasant, the graphics are not super elaborate, but it has its own atmosphere that immerses in the game.

But the musical accompaniment is chosen correctly, but at times it can be too loud, so this issue needs to be adjusted in the settings. Each individual character has its own model, differing in the set of clothes, hairstyle, face and style. Many graphics and sound issues can be adjusted in the game settings.

Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.0 and up
  • Category Sports
  • Developer mdickie.com
  • Content Rating 12+

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