World of Tanks Blitz is a cross-platform free-to-play action game with great graphics and a perfectly crafted military storyline.

Developers, as a rule, provide players with interesting suggestions in the gameplay for each holiday. Sometimes you can drive crazy vehicles. In 7v7 battles, you can use the unique capabilities of tanks, which include: vampirism, increased damage, etc.

As in the original version of the tactical simulator, World of Tanks Blitz offers to wage battles on extensive competitive maps in teams of 7 tanks (opponents and allies are selected randomly depending on the region, the number of victories and the chosen vehicle, but the chosen class or nation does not matter – The USA, USSR and Germany have never worked so well together for the sake of victory). The goal of the key mode is to defeat the enemy in 7 minutes, destroying all enemy equipment, or by capturing an empty base located on neutral ground.

In addition to the already classic confrontations in the format of a kind of Team Deathmatch, there is also a game mode “Supremacy”, where you will have to gain points by undermining other people’s tanks. In addition, there is also a training chapter, where in World of Tanks Blitz important details are told about the camera view, about movement across locations, about shooting, damage, or the features of the environment. The introduction takes from 10 to 15 minutes – after the completed training, you will have a chance to look into the hangar and also deal with sights, armor and ammunition there. And there it remains to choose a mode and join the battle.


While competitors in the genre offer locations of a strange oblong shape, in World of Tanks Blitz, both in the latest version and in the initial version, they are deployed on maps measuring 500×500 units, which are full of shelters, buildings and points for protection. At every step, it is easy to meet bridges, walls, trees and terrain irregularities, which greatly affect the way you choose a position on the map and even an advantage in battle (hills give more vision, but they also help the enemy to shoot more accurately due to the small number of obstacles on the way) …

Of the curious features of the cards is the ability to destroy some overlaps: the same houses are crumbled from accurate shots, and trees are completely scattered into small chips. But is it worth wasting shells to clear the way? In World of Tanks Blitz 5.0, 27 maps appeared: Tundra, Canal, Echelon, Rudniki, Quarries, Malinovka – the list is extensive and varied. The developers propose to fight in the pouring rain, and somewhere far away in the sands, where the crew in World of Tanks Blitz is forced to hide from the scorching rays and go crazy from the skin hot in the sun.

As you progress, “Credits” and “Experience” are credited to the account: the resources necessary to access upgrades, new tanks and ranks, allowing you to more and more survive on the battlefield even under continuous enemy fire. In addition to standard resources, premium resources are also provided – a special “Gold” is purchased separately and opens access to premium military equipment with increased characteristics, allows you to accumulate currency faster and reduce the time required for an upgrade. And, although the game World of Tanks Blitz allows you to move to the top of the rating with almost no investment, problems on the way to champion titles will still arise. The competition is too high and the consequences of incorrectly chosen tactics are serious.


According to statistics, in World of Tanks Blitz, vehicles are represented by a collection of 374 tanks, divided by classes (light, medium, heavy and tank destroyer). As in the original version available for PC, the developers propose to develop the technique by opening and purchasing special modules. But wait for a branched system is still not worth it – the general competitive part is greatly simplified, and the action movie has also parted ways with the radio station. But the support for newcomers has noticeably improved – from now on the website of the World of Tanks Blitz game is full of details and guides, and various tips related to the beginning of the passage, chests or cooperative interaction are also open.

World of Tanks Blitz – meet the cult online simulator that has conquered millions of fans all over the world. A stunning tank action packed with the spirit of WWII history awaits you. Go to the front, use competent tactics and lead your team to victory World of Tanks Blitz – legendary military equipment, a variety of combat maps, stunning graphics and clear controls will turn your mobile device into a real battlefield where everything depends on you and your team. Lead tanks into battle, create clans and fight shoulder to shoulder with your comrades.

World of Tanks Blitz Features

  • Over 200 legendary tanks in your arsenal.
  • A unique progression system consisting of 10 vehicle levels.
  • 18 combat locations.
  • Fast-paced 7v7 blitz battles
  • Innovative systems for tank research and crew pumping.
  • Bright and spectacular graphics with automatic optimization for the capabilities of your mobile device.
  • A free-to-win system that provides free access to all combat capabilities.
  • Intuitive controls that allow you to quickly and easily get used to the game World of Tanks Blitz.
  • Ability to create squads by playing with friends.
  • Combat missions for the completion of which you can receive bonuses and rewards.
  • General and clan chats, allowing you to communicate with other players.

Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Category Action
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 7+

Game Rating

Total: 9
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