Vegas Crime Simulator is an episodic 3D action movie based on ideas and concepts known from the Grand Theft Auto series: the same character embroiled in an intricate conflict, a similar metropolis with memorable landmarks, and even narrative details and those acquaintances.

And yet you should not wait for an exact copy – there are many trump cards in the sleeves of the developers from Naxeex Publishing related to the way the plot is presented, and with the combat system, and even with the mode of additional purchases that open up access to tanks, helicopters and prohibited military equipment.

Features of Vegas Crime Simulator

  • City. Center of concentration of evil in Vegas Crime – Las Vegas. Casinos, restaurants, petty pickpockets and criminals terrorizing poorly lit streets at night. It won’t take long to join the new life – the virtual world has long been mired in squabbles and enmity.
  • Battles. The battles are dynamic and take place in several modes. Sometimes you have to shoot, repelling waves of approaching enemies, even more often you have to move around in vehicles, look for equipment and communicate with NPCs.
  • Realism. It is difficult to call the world around us anything close to the real one. Many passages are poorly detailed, while others appear to be copied from science fiction magazines. And yet, the universe looks stylish and uniform, which means you won’t have to be distracted by unnecessary details.
  • Equipment. You will have to fight with the help of the classic set of a soldier operating on the front line. Pistols, machine guns, grenades. Also – contact mines, rocket launchers and other gizmos that can blow up half of the street. But is it worth repeating for enemies?

Vegas Crime Simulator – tons of ammo and weapons! Car theft! Addictive gameplay: The hottest crime spots in Vegas are waiting for you! A criminal has appeared in Vegas. He attacks ordinary citizens, kills police officers, steals various types of vehicles.

You are given a unique opportunity to become this super villain. At your disposal are many different ammunition and weapons. Become the head of the Vegas crime streets!

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Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 2.3 and up
  • Category Simulation
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 16+
  • Download Vegas Crime Simulator for other OS iOS

Game Rating

Total: 10
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