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UMANG (One Mobile App for New Times Management) aims to make e-governance “mobile first”. It is developed by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and the National Electronic Governance Department (NeGD).

UMANG is an evolving platform dedicated to the citizens of India to offer them access to India-wide e-government services from central, state, local authorities and government agencies in applications, web channels, SMS and IVR.

UMANG Features

  • One Platform: It brings all government departments and their services together on a single platform to deliver better, easier services to citizens.
  • Mobile First: It combines all government services with a Mobile First strategy to leverage trends in mobile adoption.
  • Integration with Digital India Services: Provides seamless integration with other Digital India services such as Aadhaar, DigiLocker and PayGov. Any new such service will be automatically integrated with the platform.
  • One Experience: It is designed to enable citizens to easily find, download, access and use all government services.
  • Secure and scalable: it supports Aadhaar-based and other authentication mechanisms for accessing services. Confidential profile data is saved in an encrypted format and no one can view this information.

UMANG provides easy access to a variety of Indian government services ranging from healthcare, finance, education, housing, energy, agriculture, transportation to utilities, employment and professional skills.

Key benefits of UMANG for citizens

  • One place everywhere: All government services are available to citizens on a single platform for easy access through multiple online and offline channels (SMS, email, app and web).
  • More for less: you only need to install one mobile app instead of each app for each department.
  • Convenience: Citizens don’t even need to install or update the app again to use government services if additional services are added to the platform.
  • Saving time and money with UMANG: citizens can use these services anytime, anywhere using their mobile phones, desktops and laptops without having to visit the department office and stand in lines.
  • One Experience: All government services, including payment transactions, provide a secure and consistent experience.

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