Traffic Rider for Android

Traffic Rider for Android


Traffic Rider is a racing simulator about endless motorbike driving on a busy highway.

Ride the analogue of the campaign, follow the track before the crash, embark on a race against time, or enjoy a free ride.

Traffic Rider is a racing game where you can test yourself in motorcycle racing not only in a single race, but also with friends. The creator of this game did his best to create it, as with his last game Traffic Racer. Only here it is already necessary to drive a motorcycle, not a car. The graphics in this game are better, the game is in the first person, as well as realistic sounds of the engine of the bike. In this game you need to collect as many points and money in order to unlock new models of motorcycles. If the user wants to get as many points as possible, then he needs to gain maximum speed and often play on the night track.

Traffic Rider has taken the endless motorcycle racing genre to a whole new level with a full-featured career mode, first-person camera view, improved graphics and realistic bike sounds. Good old-fashioned arcade racing in a new generation shell. Race your bike along endless roads, outrunning others. Upgrade and buy new bikes to complete missions in career mode. It’s time to get on your motorcycle – and off you go!

Traffic Rider Features

  • First Person Camera View
  • 26 types of motorcycles
  • Realistic engine rumble recorded from real bikes
  • Detailed graphics – day and night options
  • Career mode with 70+ missions
  • Web Leaderboards & 30+ Achievements
  • Supports 19 languages ​​


The Traffic Rider game repeats the gameplay of another project from the same studio Soner Kara – Traffic Racer. The difference lies in the vehicle (instead of cars there are motorcycles) and the first-person view, instead of the third. Training takes place as you progress through the campaign missions:

  1. Step on the gas to accelerate, slow down on the brake.
  2. Rotate using the device’s accelerometer (controls can be changed in game settings).
  3. Carry out the tasks assigned at the beginning.

Challenge mode missions are different:

  • reach the end of the route within the specified time;
  • drive close to cars at speeds over 100 km / h;
  • drive in the oncoming lane for the set time.

The latest version of Traffic Rider features a 78 missions campaign split over two islands. For completed orders, dollars are put, and if you manage to cope faster than the established limit, a gold coin drips into the account. Before the start of the race, information about the route is displayed on the right, where information about:

  • one-way or two-way traffic;
  • area map;
  • time of day;
  • weather conditions.

If the bike lacks power, this is reported next to the start button. In addition to the main mode “Route”, the new version of Traffic Rider offers the following types of competitions:

  1. Before the accident – they bring a lot of money, the payment amount is multiplied by 15 and 30% when moving in the evening or at night. Desert, city and winter map unlock as your account level grows.
  2. For a while – a complete analogue of the previous mode, but with a limitation on the duration of the race and the ability to continue the race after an accident.
  3. Free drive – drive along the road without any restrictions on accidents or time intervals.

Download game Traffic Rider stands for cars generating endless traffic. Computer motorists move logically: while rebuilding, they click on the turn signal, pressing the brake, they light up the parking lights, seeing you in the oncoming lane, their headlights flash. Minus AI – crashing into a car at full speed or slightly hooking it with a bike, the driver turns on emergency signals and continues moving without a forced stop.

Bikes in Traffic Rider

Without a license, the developers took real bikes as a basis, copied their model and put them up for purchase in a garage with a similar name. There were no references and among the motorcycles in the game Traffic Rider you cannot find a vehicle from the anime “Akira” or Batman’s eccentric bike. First, a scooter is available to us, more powerful counterparts open with an increase in the level, and along with their characteristics, prices rise. Instead of changing the vehicle, it can be pumped according to 3 parameters:

  • Power.
  • Manageability.
  • Braking.

Regardless of the bike, the extent of the bike update is limited and over time it will have to be changed to another. When there is no strength to endure, buying a key for real money comes to the rescue. It unlocks any bike, mode or card ahead of schedule, regardless of the account level. By the way, “top-end” models increase the number of lives for races before the accident.

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Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Category Racing
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 3+
  • Download Traffic Rider for other OS iOS Windows

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