Floor is lava – you are walking down the street, and suddenly you notice that the floor begins to crack, and lava is coming out of the cracks.

What will you do?! Fly away by plane or jump into the sea? Do not sleep! Jump into the parked car faster. Don’t be afraid to trample the mailbox! Use every opportunity to avoid the lava waves and get to a safe place! Are you ready for the dangerous and exhilarating Floor is Lava Challenge?

Features The floor is lava

  • Simple and fun controls will test your reaction!
  • The ever-changing landscape and lava flows will give you a varied and unforgettable experience!
  • Together with your friends, try to get the maximum score!

The game began to be used as memes because of the picture, in the first part of which the guy jumps in a split, and on the other he rests his feet against two walls, hanging in the air. Many variations appeared with this image, often unrelated to the theme of the lava floor.

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires Android 2.1 and up
  • Category Arcade
  • Developer TerranDroid
  • Content Rating 3+
  • Download The Floor Is Lava House Simulator for other OS Not available