Temple run is a casual game in which you have to control a tomb raider who has just stolen a cursed idol from the temple.

He is pursued by creatures that are something in between monkeys and dogs. Your task is to save the character from certain death.

Temple run gameplay

Rescue is not so easy, because the speed of the newly minted Indiana is constantly increasing. In addition, various obstacles will constantly be encountered on the road, and sometimes the road itself will not be at all. As soon as you hit something, the monkeys from Temple Run overtake you. Bump into something again – game over. Well, or you can just fall off the cliff or not react to the wall of fire. Here, monkeys are no longer needed. The goal of the game is to live as long as possible, winding countless kilometers along the way.

Okay, why collect all these coins? To spend them in the store, of course! For them you can buy characters, items and improvements that will be very useful on your difficult path. Upgrades can speed you up, save you from death, or simply help you collect even more coins.

If you run out of coins, and you really want to buy something, you can make an in-game purchase for real money. However, this is not necessary at all. There is nothing in Temple run that can only be bought with real money. In addition, some in-game currency can be obtained by liking the game on Facebook and following it on Twitter.

Despite the simplicity of Temple run, the graphics are surprisingly very detailed and well-designed. The unique style is maintained both throughout the entire distance of the race, and in the interface of the menu, store and settings. During the run, the hero is surrounded by a moat with rather gloomy static water, everywhere dotted with rocks. The obstacles are in the form of moss-strewn stones, trees, rocks, arches of fire and cliffs. It all looks good and pleasing to the eye.

Sound accompaniment

The music is really good here. The hero runs to the rhythmic beat of stylized drums that don’t let you get bored. I don’t want to turn on any other music. The cry of monkeys and the sighs of the character when jumping are also made quite well. There are no special sound effects for death or actions in the menu, and there is no need for them either. All this sound component perfectly complements the overall atmosphere of the game.

Control in the 1st Temple Run is carried out using swipes on the screen and tilting the smartphone to the sides, which was rather unusual at the time of the game’s release. In general, it is convenient to operate, you don’t need to aim anywhere with your fingers. Just know to yourself what to drive with your finger, and tilt the screen to collect coins.

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