TaxovichkoF is a taxi call button on your phone! There is a lecture, are you afraid to wake up the child or is it too noisy outside? Ordering a taxi through the TaxovichkoF app will allow you to call a car without saying a word. To order a taxi, it is not necessary to waste time dialing and talking with the operator. Order a car to your favorite address with a couple of taps on the screen: every option is at your fingertips!

With the mobile application TaxovichkoF is possible even without an Internet connection. You just fill out the form and all data is automatically sent via SMS. The application allows you to see the whole picture of the capabilities of TaxovichkoF right on your phone and “collect” your taxi yourself: car class, add. options, addresses, pick-up time, etc.

Possibilities of TaxovichkoF service

  • Locate the user
  • Online vehicle tracking on the map
  • Automatic cost calculation
  • Exact pick-up time
  • Travel time from point “A” to point “B”
  • SMS order without internet connection
  • Online payment without change and tips + discounts
  • Driver information and influence on rating
  • Adding favorite routes and addresses
  • Popular addresses and nearby objects
  • Making pre-orders for later
  • Ability to bind an alarm clock to a trip in the TaxovichkoF application
  • Order a taxi to another number from tel. books
  • Receiving requests for forgotten items

You can free download Taxovichkof for Android on our website. - thousands of popular games, apps and the new items. Free Download Taxovichkof for Android the latest version for your phone or tablet and use it with pleasure.

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