Tank Raid for Android

Tank Raid for Android

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Tank Raid – join players from all over the world to take part in extremely funny 5-minute tank battles!

In 7 galactic arenas, experience the gameplay of an online multiplayer game with 3D tanks, robots and super weapons. This arcade game is completely free and perfectly smooth for online matches with support for up to 8 players at the same time.

Tank Raid Features

  • Players have the first 3 minutes to get weapons and level up and experience. The remaining 2 minutes are spent on the battle for the galactic stone, which will turn your tank into a robot, and will also bring the winner absolute power and many rewards (at the end of the match).
  • Hundreds of beautiful and unique tank crafting kits at the start of each battle.
  • 7 of the most beautiful arenas in the galaxy, designed with techno-futuristic style.
  • Magic weapon: Death’s saliva, slowing down the enemy by 75%; invisibility disguise (for 15 seconds), golden reflective shield.
  • Other modern weapons: plasma bullets, buckshot, salvo systems, energy shields, timer bomb, mines, laser cannons, missiles, howitzer, blitzkrieg.
  • Level up by destroying enemy tanks, gain health points and upgrade your tank to a cooler one.
  • Brand new nimble IO game with unique gameplay! Enjoy and be the coolest tanker!

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