Talking Tom Cat 2 develops the idea of ​​the first part, where instead of caring for the cat, we see humorous scenes with his participation. The sequel received updated graphics, and the character Ben joined the main character.

Talking Tom Cat 2 is a pet grooming game in which the player will have to take charge of a little kitten. Talking Tom 2 was released in 2011. For the most part, small children love to play it, but adults can also laugh with the cute cat Tom.

Who is this Tom? This is a funny striped 3-D animated cat with whom you can play, talk, dress in different clothes, change the interior in his house, have fun and more. Moreover, the game is so fun that you can laugh with the whole family. Talking Tom Cat 2 – talk to Tom: say something and he will repeat it with his hilariously funny voice. Play with Tom: stroke him, push him, challenge him and earn gold coins in the mini-game.

Talking Tom Cat 2 Features

  • Change Tom’s appearance: new accessories, new clothes, new equipment. How about cowboy Tom or pirate Tom?
  • Make Tom a New Place: Tom has moved from his old alley to a posh new apartment.
  • Fun new additions, including exploding bags, pillow battles and more!
  • Exciting mini-games: take part in active fun and earn some gold coins.
  • Earn points: get rewarded for playing with Tom.
  • Record Tom: Shoot a video with Tom and send it to your friends or upload to Facebook and YouTube.

The visual performance of the application is on par with the previous part. The color palette has been greatly changed, giving preference to gray tones to match the matured character. Talking Tom Cat 2 is fundamentally different from the first part of the series:

  • Koteikin looks mature;
  • Does not allow hitting the feet;
  • No longer does humorous acts – Ben the dog does it instead.

The gameplay is re-built on several keys, where each is responsible for a certain trick. The latter include:

  • A paper bag explodes, causing the hero to jump up to the chandelier.
  • Our “friend” dog smells bad.
  • Hit Tom in the face with a pillow stuffed with feathers.
  • The cat takes out a huge phone, where he is depicted from the first part.

A button with a question mark has been implemented separately. By clicking on it in Talking Tom Cat 2 part, Cotteykins will show a random sketch:

  • Bring a rose;
  • Shows clean paws;
  • Will start spinning yo-yo;
  • Get cutlery;
  • Gets a pie in the face.

As before, any joke or action can be recorded in real time using the in-game function. The resulting video can be easily sent to social networks, sent by e-mail or dropped to friends in instant messengers.

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