Stick War: Legacy or the most famous game in the Russian-speaking segment “Stickmen against all” is a classic free strategy for the development of your own city and the seizure of foreign lands. A complete description of the universe, game mechanics, characters and tournaments of the game – read the article.

The world of Stick War Legacy is referred to as Inamorta. In it there are only cities at war with each other, the difference between which is the way of life and culture of the people of the city. In addition, each settlement has a specific technology, which is also a weapon and determines the type of the existing army. This is especially important if the “Hard” mode was selected when playing Stick War Legacy.

Each nation is represented by a specific ideology, which is commonly referred to as the “path”:

  • archery: have a bow that is capable of hitting enemies at long distances;
  • Jaromites: melee with swords;
  • assassins: use the ancient power of magicians in war;
  • Copietons: prefer to maintain distance in melee and fight with spears.

The consequence of such a life is war, the reason for which is simple – one nation is trying to impose its way of life on another because of its correctness. We have to lead the city and the people, whose path is “Order”. However, people who follow the path of order are opponents of weapons. This means that you will have to seize other people’s cities and steal their technology for the production of weapons and establish order.

Stick War Legacy Gameplay

The passage of Stick War is organized quite simply: you need to capture a foreign city, steal their technology – the type of weapon used – train your people and continue to fight. The nuance is that in addition to obtaining and using “shells” on the people, in Stick War you also need to keep the city’s defense. At the time of each battle, gold will be mined, and it is unacceptable to allow the death of workers. This allows you to think through various strategies in advance and correctly approach the choice of troops.

It should be noted separately that there is a Zombies mode in Stick War Legacy. The purpose of which is to achieve a record for the beaten off waves of the invasion of the living dead. This mode is just for fun and is not aimed at the main passage, setting itself the goal of sports interest. It will also be of interest to those who do not know what to do with themselves after Stick War has been completed.

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires Android 2.3 and up
  • Category Strategy
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 7+
  • Download Stick War: Legacy for other OS iOS