Smash Hit is a fast-paced, entertaining and highly original competitive arcade game dedicated to the successive passage of intricate levels using special metal balls that can destroy any obstacles that appear on the way.

Hence, the key goal is to score the maximum possible number of points and climb to the top of the ranking, overtaking competitors and showing amazing accuracy in decision making.

Futuristic world. The scenery in Smash Hit is reminiscent of unexplored space stations, surreal wastelands filled with steel and enclosed by glass, and strange natural areas with mountain paths rising from the ground and lakes shimmering in the rays of metallic light. Observing the sights as you pass is a real pleasure. But as you progress, you should not worry about the scenery, but the obstacles that can interrupt the race for awards at the most inopportune moment.

Predictable mechanics. The key concept of Smash Hit is trivial: the developers propose to knock down glass pyramids and obstacles blocking the path located in the way, using banal taps on the screen to calculate the accuracy and power of the throw. With a direct hit to any object, the obstacle is destroyed, opening either the way to freedom, or – replenishing the account of metal balls available for throwing. Hence the key advantage of the arcade – you don’t have to go through the settings, go through training and look for advice on the network: a beginner will cope with everything!

Impressive physics. Smash Hit invites you to continually watch as fragile glass structures shatter into shards, crumbling to steel plinths and platforms. The physics of damage is generated in a random order and does not depend on a previously recorded script, but on the current situation: the stronger the throw and the more non-standard the target, the more unexpected the damage will be.

Complexity and challenges. The tests are overgrown with impassable elements consistently: if at the start you have to yawn from boredom, then closer to the end there will be no time to rest. You will have to make decisions with lightning speed, immediately attack obstacles, having calculated the flight path in advance.

Challenges & Modes

The events in Smash Hit take place on gloomy but atmospheric levels, where the developers offer to survive, destroying obstacles, gaining points and moving up the career ladder. In addition to the classic fight for records, non-standard modes are also provided:

  • Hell. A mode centered around the completion of unpredictable challenges, where at every step, in addition to standard obstacles, there are also opponents who attack in response.
  • Classic. 11 chapters with three stages each. The goal is to complete all tasks with a minimum of nerve cells and time.
  • Zen. There are no restrictions on time and actions, just relaxing music and the ability to freely travel to unknown worlds, attack and develop skills.

Separately, the developers have prepared several contests available in multiplayer mode. In addition to the split screen, where in each half the participants are required to score a lot of points, there is also a cooperative passage, allowing you to jointly move up the career ladder, acquiring champion titles together with an ally.

Smash Hit – go on a surreal journey across another dimension, move in harmony with music and sounds, and shoot down everything in your path! This adventure requires focus, concentration and timing to not only fly as far as possible, but also fight your way through beautiful glass objects on your way.

The first thing that catches your eye when the user starts playing Smash Hit is the first-class visual design. Each level has a unique color scheme, and glass objects resemble real ones. The soundtrack, which fully reveals what is happening on the screen, complements the overall picture. To make a shot, you just need to press your finger at the point where the ball should fly, taking into account the physical behavior of the ball at each separate stage. Smash Hit bonuses are activated by tapping on the icon with the corresponding image.

Smash Hit Features

  • Forge your way along a beautiful futuristic dimension, knocking down objects and targets. The best physics of destruction of all mobile games is waiting for you – Smash Hit.
  • Music-sync gameplay: each level has its own music and sound effects, and each obstacle has a different sound.
  • Over 50 different rooms with 11 unique graphic styles and realistic glass breaking mechanics on every level.

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires Android 2.3 and up
  • Category Arcade
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 3+
  • Download Smash Hit for other OS Not available