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School of Dragons for Android

School of Dragons is a conceptual multiplayer action RPG with unconventional adversarial mechanics, the classic atmosphere of How To Train Your Dragon, and a massive storyline that tells how kind and determined students of a non-standard educational institution turn into true heroes.

However, it is too early to reveal the secrets of the universe – at the start, the developers from Knowledge Adventure propose to understand the rules and conditions, register and proceed to the passage of the School of Dragons training chapter, divided into separate tasks, where you will have to fish and cook fish soup, and dragons fly, turning the sights lying underground into embers.

School of Dragons Features

  • Visit familiar characters such as Hiccup, Toothless, and others from How to Train Your Dragon. Make new friends as you progress through the Dragon School game!
  • Play on Mobile, Facebook, and PC – NO PROBLEMS. The first multi-platform game of its kind!
  • Play & Watch – watch excerpts from the cartoon that will plunge into the world of Boobies!
  • Fly with Toothless, Thunderbolt, Whisper of Death and the rest of the dragons in the Flying Club on your way to the title of GREAT MASTER OF DRAGONS!
  • The gameplay of School of Dragons is built around science – biology, geography and physics, as well as the simplest tools. It is one of the first games to build learning around next-generation scientific standards.
  • Use your tablet to race with the dragon lords around the world and earn awards and glory!
  • Booby’s vast world will involve you in activities such as learning to fly dragons, practicing fireball shooting, farming, fishing and many more!
  • Create your own, unique avatar. Choose your own dragon and customize its appearance with many options.
  • Chat with friends and find new ones in this fantastic huge universe!
  • NEW Mystery Boxes: Find fantastic treasures to help you in the Dragon School.

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