Robbery Bob is a humorous arcade game about one of the best thieves in the world.

Together with him, you will need to complete a series of exciting robberies. The story begins with the cell of the prisoner Bob, who is serving a sentence for numerous robberies.

As he prepares to spend the rest of his life here, he notices a file carefully left for him next to the bars of a window opening. Having fiddled with the grate a little, the main character falls free and follows the ribbon tied to the instrument of “freedom”. At the end of his journey, he finds a strange man, after which the passage of the Robbery Bob game begins.

The stranger offers to perform several thefts in exchange for overwhelming help in freeing the main character of the game Robbery Bob. The latter agrees, and they set off to travel around the city, get acquainted with the game mechanics and make the first thefts. The protagonist will have to break into houses and follow the specified object, collecting less valuable things along the way. To complete the task perfectly, the player must:

  • Not be seen by the residents of the building or by the police;
  • Handle in the allotted time;
  • Steal everything along the way.

Robbery Bob walkthrough includes elements of a role-playing system. They consist in improving skills for the purchase of gold coins, which the main character receives at the end of each mission. For a fee, it is pumped through:

  • Stealth – allows you to move faster and make less noise.
  • Stamina – determines the amount of stamina spent on running.
  • Grab-Ability – simplifies theft, when some of the items literally fly into the pockets.
  • Speed ​​- allows you to run away from people who spotted you with increased speed.

Another way to complete Robbery Bob is to purchase special tools for gold, including:

  • Expired donut (causes police diarrhea);
  • Clockwork mouse with loud beeping sound;
  • Potion of invisibility;
  • Pocket teleport;
  • Lock pick for locked doors.

Costumes with special effects are purchased separately. They also transform the protagonist’s model. Robbery Bob game is divided into 3 parts with different number of levels. Those who like to have fun and test their skills after passing will be able to open the “Advanced” mode with tests for every taste.

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.1 and up
  • Category Action
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 7+
  • Download Robbery Bob for other OS iOS