Rise Up is the hardest and most fun game of 2018! Protect your ball with your shield as it rises! Beware of obstacles.

Move your shield with one finger to protect your balloon. Clear your path as you reach higher and higher! The control of the shield is very simple, but it is very difficult to achieve high results! Challenge your friends for the highest score!

Events unfold in an unknown and vertically elongated universe, where the protagonist of Rise Up, a snow-white ball with a tiny ribbon, moves in an unknown direction towards the awaiting tests in the form of all kinds of geometric shapes, falling objects, balls and traps from the sky.

It is strictly forbidden to interact with the ball – any touch will lead to the inevitable appearance of the Game Over inscription. The only way to influence the world around is to interact with the environment in different ways, pushing objects apart, activating traps in advance and scattering balls where the ball cannot reach. The unusual mechanics of the game Rise Up make you calculate your actions in advance, and sometimes, in the case of inevitable dangers, show reaction and ingenuity.

The levels of the game Rise Up are generated randomly each time, and yet some similarities can be traced, but even with some element of predictability, getting even to the twentieth location is still a problem. The developers seem to be mocking. They say that the trump cards are open, the rules are known, but even in this case, one should not count on an easy outcome of the incessant test.

Rise Up Features

  • Free
  • One-finger control
  • Different obstacles and experiences each time
  • Endless gameplay

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.1 and up
  • Category Arcade
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 3+
  • Download Rise Up for other OS Not available