REDDEN for Android

REDDEN for Android
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REDDEN – it is dark and the commission shop “One hundred Dinar” is time to close.

The tired owner locks the door behind the last customer, but someone is whispering in the seemingly empty store. Joe, the cutting board, was once an arrow, and the old kunai is now melted into a frying pan named B. There is also a knife – Cal; from the same iron ore as the bullet. Amazing stories of mundane objects are waiting to be heard. REDDEN tells the stories of forgotten things with their voices. Wrap your arrows, kunai and bullets through the ages to turn ordinary trinkets into heroes of legend!

REDDEN Features

  • Catch the wind and pick up speed to use skills.
  • Use your skills to destroy objects in your path.
  • Don’t stop until you’ve destroyed the main objective of the episode!
  • Each item has a different ability – enjoy.
  • Control the flight – speed up, create clones and blow up everything in your path.
  • Use your skills and strategize to complete the episode.
  • Items will immerse you in a fairy tale story of beautiful illustrations with each new episode of the game.
  • I wonder how this story will end for you?

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