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Pogoda Interia is a state-of-the-art tool with short and long term weather forecasts, weather alerts, detailed 120 minute rainfall forecast, air quality monitoring, and health and daily life indicators.

Check the weather forecast locally and in millions of locations around the world. The Pogoda Interia app is the perfect tool to stay up to date with the weather every day. Thanks to it, you will perfectly plan your vacation: sunbathe, walk in the mountains, ride a bike or sail.

Features of Pogoda Interia

  • Hourly Weather Forecast: Check the forecast for the next 240 hours.
  • Long-term 45-day weather forecast for Poland and anywhere in the world.
  • Multiple weather indicators: temperature, precipitation, cloudiness, pressure, humidity, wind, UV index.
  • Variety in the presentation of forecasts (tables, charts, videos).
  • Unique rainfall forecast for the next 120 minutes: you will never get wet with the app
  • Air quality monitoring: check the current situation and forecast of air pollution (smog) for the next 24 hours.
  • Indicators: Track the forecast of your favorite activities, check if the weather will affect your health and daily life.
  • Millions of cities around the world: monitor the weather in your area, monitor other cities around the world.
  • Modern layout and dark mode.
  • Weather Widgets: On the home screen, add the weather information that is most important to you.
  • Offline mode: displaying weather data out of range

Variety of data
The application will automatically detect your city, you can also select it from the list of millions of places in the world. The Pogoda Interia app is a weather forecast for Poland and anywhere in the world with many meteorological indicators such as perceived temperature, maximum and minimum temperature, probability, amount and duration of precipitation (rain, hail and snow), cloudiness, atmospheric pressure, air humidity, wind speed and direction, UV index, sunrise and sunset times, moon phases, air pollution (smog).

The Pogoda Interia app provides a forecast for today, tomorrow and the next 43 days. You can choose the data presentation option: graphs, tables or a gift forecast from Polsat journalists. In the Pogoda Interia app, we provide reliable information on the impact of weather on many health indicators: colds, migraines, sinus pain and arthritis. We provide valuable advice on everyday life and the effects of the weather, such as driving a car, doing housework or other activities such as jogging, cycling, relaxing by the water.

Precipitation radar
Watch for changes in the weather with an intuitive precipitation radar with a 1-minute forecast for the next 120 minutes. Check the current weather conditions.

Meteorological warnings
Stay up to date with the weather with Pogoda Interia! information about difficult weather conditions is displayed in the application and warns: heavy precipitation, storm, strong wind or heat.

Weather widget
With the Pogoda Interia widget, you can keep track of the current weather conditions for your current location. Customize it according to your needs and add it to your home screen.

Offline mode
When you are out of range, the app will show you the recently downloaded data. This allows you to know the forecast without a network connection.

Check the weather even faster and easier with our new Pogoda Interia app! Download today! And if you are going on vacation, they will really get success with our app.

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