Dream Skyscraper is an economic strategy game where the player is asked to develop a skyscraper consisting of boutiques, recreation areas and hardware stores.

With an increase in the level, access to the construction of new floors opens. The online dream skyscraper starts with the basics of the gameplay:

  • The user is given a personal building, divided into several trading floors.
  • Each store requires salespeople who come to settle on their own or wait in line at the hotel.
  • As soon as a new merchant appears in the tower, it is time to bring in goods for sale.

There are several conventions lurking behind simple mechanics. First, the Dream Skyscraper is divided into floors, where one span can be occupied by no more than three people (the food departments are divided among themselves). Secondly, each resident has a preference for work, if he is arranged for his favorite business, he brings increased profits. Thirdly, for performing any kind of action, the Dream Skyscraper increases the levels, which gradually unlock new functions. Starting at 5th level, Dream Skyscraper offers to complete tasks for a certain reward. Mainly:

  • Gold coins;
  • Dollars;
  • Keys.

Coins are the main currency of the game. For them, the user makes out the delivery of the goods, he also receives it after the full sale of the batch. The precious metal will also be needed to build the new floors required for the Dream Skyscraper to complete. Those are of the following types:

  • Rest;
  • Fashion;
  • Products;
  • Services;
  • Technique.

The footnote “Dream” helps to determine which one to build. The more people want to work in their chosen field, the more likely the chance of recruiting skilled workers.
Evergreens act as a premium currency that unlocks access to special purchases. They offer an effective way to increase revenue in the game Skyscraper of Dreams by purchasing upgrades for individual floors. Buying one star at the first stage will cost $ 20. In addition to pumping, they will be needed to purchase delivery vehicles, hire a manager in the lobby, and build a specific floor. The last are the keys. They open the Maze Skyscraper of Dreams, where there are nice gifts for passing it. Coping with it is not easy, because you need to overcome 10 doors, each time choosing one of three paths. You can complete it relying only on luck.

Dream skyscraper – in childhood, if not all, then most of them liked to build tall skyscraper towers from colorful cubes. The game “Dream Skyscraper” from Overmobile will not only bring towers and competitions back to childhood, but also dilute it with business strategy. The essence of the game is simple: you build a dream skyscraper, make a profit and compete with other players. All ingenious is simple. But what if one skyscraper is not enough for you? And in this case, the developers have prepared a surprise. Ambitious players can create their own cities, invite other users to become their residents and work for the common good – the development of the city. Want to check which city is the coolest in the game? For this, there are city statistics. Once you get there, you will definitely prove to everyone that you are a talented businessman, and your empire is the best.

The game Skyscraper dreams captures from the first minutes. After entering you are greeted by a small house of several floors with a small number of residents. They are eager to work, but be attentive to them: everyone has their own preferences in work. Pay attention to the elevator. Sometimes VIP clients visit your skyscraper on it, after which your wallet becomes much thicker! There is also a separate floor in your skyscraper – only for VIPs. The more they settle there, the cooler your city will be in the eyes of other players. Earn your first money and start building more and more floors, open shops, bars, hairdressers and workshops.

Versions and Access

The official release of the city-planning simulator “Dream Skyscraper” took place on iOS and Android mobile platforms: the developers offer to download the game for free – additional payments are provided only in the future – to buy “bucks” (local currency) and to unlock some individual improvements. If you wanted to download “Dream Skyscraper” to your computer, then a similar option is also provided, but you will need an additional tool – the Nox App Player emulator. A few minutes to study the interface, and there at least the latest version of 2019 will start without any problems.

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Category Simulation
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 3+
  • Download Pocket Tower for other OS Not available