Pocket Tanks is a turn-based strategy game about shooting two tanks.

Challenge the computer, arrange a battle with friends on one phone or fight online. The gameplay of the game resembles the Worms series, with a few exceptions:

  • 2 players collide on the battlefield.
  • Movement is limited to 4 movements.
  • The tank cannot descend a steep cliff or climb a high mountain.
  • One session lasts 20 rounds.
  • The player with the most damage wins.

It all happens on a map with a randomly generated terrain and side view. User tanks differ in color, are placed in different corners of the location, there is no fixed number of lives.

Pocket Tanks Management

From the controls in battle there are:

  • Move – movement, limited to 4 moves to the left or right.
  • Weapon – select weapons.
  • Fire – shot.
  • Angle – degree of tilt of the gun.
  • Power – power of the shot.

To change the default setting, tap it once with your finger. An auxiliary window with settings will appear. For example, the Pocket Tank cannon tilt calculations are transformed in three ways:

  1. Through the counter, changing the angle by 1 degree.
  2. Using the measuring scale, rotating it with swipes.
  3. With your finger on the screen and pointing the muzzle.

The cannon rotates 360 degrees. Fingertip settings are often a sin, so experienced players recommend manually adjusting the set angle. The power of the shot is set in the same way. It remains to press “Fire” and wait for the result. The trajectory of the projectile can be influenced by the wind, if it is enabled in the game settings. Its strength and direction are displayed in the upper middle, below the round counter.

Pocket Tanks is a fast-paced artillery game that’s easy to learn and fun to learn. A perfect quick game for friends and family, you’ll be hooked for hours of play! Bury your opponent in a pile of mud, or attack him with a bullet. Visit the weapon shop before a fight to equip yourself for the fight, or try Target Practice to learn all the weapons and best tactics for victory.

Experience the thrill of launching volley after volley of powerful and fun weapons across the battlefield using very simple controls. Choose your angle, power and fire! Your arsenal of unique and useful weapons includes: Napalm, Fireworks, Skipper, Cruiser, Dirt Mover and dozens more! This is a frivolous heavy artillery game for everyone.

Pocket Tanks Features

  • 100 new weapons (140 total with all free packs)
  • Jump Jets to move your tank
  • Inflatable mud to create a reflective surface
  • Digger for tunneling underground

Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 2.3 and up
  • Category Strategy
  • Developer blitwise.com
  • Content Rating 7+

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