Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense strategy game about the confrontation between plants and the living dead.

Grow different fauna near your house, combine them with each other and don’t let the zombies get into your house. The classic Plants vs Zombies story is about the undead returning to life, turning over garden plants that are used as defensive turrets. They are planted on 5 lines, divided into 9 cells. The attack of the dead begins with 1-2 monsters, gradually the number of enemies increases.

Plants vs Zombies are offered according to the following rules:

  1. Planting plants uses solar energy that comes down from the sky or is generated by sunflowers.
  2. Defensive structures are limited by the size of the map.
  3. If enemies eat obstacles on the way Plants vs Zombies will give an attempt to continue for free by launching a lawn mower in the line (its type depends on the level).
  4. The game has 6 zones with 10 tasks each.
  5. Besides the classic gameplay, there are mini-games.

In order not to lose interest in the passage of Plants vs Zombies, plants against zombies open “towers” after the completion of the stages. With the constant growth of the amount of defensive greenery, at the beginning of each level you will have to choose 6 plants that the user will use to fight against the carrion. From time to time, “Mad Dave” will visit you. He gives useful advice, for a fee, opens access to garden tools or unusual plants. In this case, it is worth downloading Plants vs Zombies in Russian, which helps to catch all the jokes of the character and understand the gameplay mechanics.


Plants vs Zombies is closely related to plants and zombies. What you need to know about the first:

  1. Plant sunflowers near your house so that enemies cannot reach them.
  2. Leave the first two rows in Plants vs Zombies on Android for buildings that generate suns.
  3. Be sure to take potatoes and any vegetation with the ability to slow down opponents.
  4. Before starting a level, watch an ad to throw a rake at the level – this saves resources for the production of additional sunflower.
  5. After downloading Plants vs Zombies, experiment with the selection of vegetation to complete problematic tasks.

The latter are endowed with the following features:

  • The health level of “walkers” determines the number of sheds on their bodies (traffic cone, bucket, door). When playing Plants vs Zombies on Android, place more attack towers in the lane where the most protected enemy has appeared.
  • Observe special zombies with unusual behavior to know how to counter them during combat.
  • Before starting a new zone, keep an eye on the camera – it shows the total number of enemies and their type.

Stick to these rules when downloading Plants vs Zombies in order to be able to complete the game until the very end. Some aspects of the gameplay can change depending on the location:

  • bet on mushrooms at night;
  • in the pool, select a slot for the water sheet;
  • on the roof, use “buildings” in the form of catapults.

All these tips are applicable in Plants vs Zombies 2, but adjusted for the gameplay there, stretched over hundreds of levels. Plants vs Zombies – prepare your war plants, as a crowd of funny zombies is going to invade your house. Use your arsenal of 49 zombie refueling plants – peashooters, wall nuts, cherry bombs – to mulch 26 types of zombies before they break your door.

The background of the game Plants vs Zombies – somehow people settled in the forest and built houses. They lived and did not grieve, but then one day a disaster struck: an unclean force appeared nearby, namely, numerous walking dead, that is, zombies. Realizing how serious the danger was, people took potions and revived the plants, turning them into powerful allies. Thus began the enmity between the kingdom of the undead and the kingdom of plants.

Plants vs Zombies Features

  • Control all 50 levels of Plants vs Zombies Adventure Mode – Day, Night, Fog, Pool, Rooftop.
  • 26 funny dead zombies. Each of them has their own special skills, so you need to think quickly and quickly get down to dealing with them.
  • Be careful how you use the limited supply of greens and seeds. Zombies love brains so much that they will jump, run, dance, swim and even eat plants to get into your house. Open the Plants vs Zombies Almanac to learn more about all the zombies and plants to help plan your strategy.
  • Earn 49 Powerful Perennials as you progress and collect coins for bonuses and more.
  • Show off your evil zombie pursuit by earning 46 awesome achievements and showcasing your evil zombie pursuit.

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  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.1 and up
  • Category Strategy
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 7+
  • Download Plants vs Zombies for other OS iOS Windows

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