Planner 5D for Android

Planner 5D for Android


Planner 5D is a shareware web service designed for complex or surface design of premises and interior design in two-dimensional and three-dimensional space.

The basis of the service is the desire of developers to provide everyone with a special platform, without the use of professional architectural, engineering and stylistic skills, it is easy to build the room that you have long dreamed of. As a result, there are no instructions or complicated actions. Quite the opposite – the layout of the room now resembles a realistic version of the Sims – unlimited budget, predictable course of action, changing the space from floor to ceiling.

Planner 5D is a simple and handy application that will allow you to quickly and easily create beautiful room layouts, interior designs, floor plans, custom projects and even landscaping!

You no longer need special skills and a long acquaintance with the instructions – draw beautiful and neat layouts, interiors and floor plans in just a few minutes and get an excellent 3D visualization of your design projects. The intuitive interface and pleasant design make working on layouts an exciting experience. A large number of furniture and decor items that can be changed in sizes, colors and materials. Now you can recreate really any interior.

Planner 5D Features

  • plan renovations, rearrangements or change the interior design quickly and easily
  • choose a variety of furniture and interior elements from a wide and constantly updated catalog
  • apply a wide variety of textures and colors in different combinations
  • thanks to the friendly interface, working with the interior and floor plans turns into a game
  • create your own layouts of any complexity or choose from ready-made options
  • give the rooms the necessary shape, add new corners
  • use the Undo / Redo buttons and manage changes
  • instant transition to 3D and virtual walk mode with one button in Planner 5D

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