Plague Inc is a strategic disease simulator in which a virus is created to destroy humanity.

Develop transmission paths, symptoms, and skills. Try to defeat the population of the Earth using the Neurax worm, Necroa virus, Simman flu or Twilight plague. The first launch of Plague Inc on Android is accompanied by a tutorial, where we:

  1. Selecting a country for infecting patient zero.
  2. Collecting DNA points for the development of the disease.
  3. We follow the news in the world, open tabs with information about countries, and follow the measures taken to combat the disease.

When the virus at Plague Inc spreads across countries, infects millions of people and kills the first patients, scientists begin to create a vaccine. If the medicine is 100% complete, the session will be lost. Another condition for defeat is that the infection did not hit 1-2 countries, but killed the inhabitants of others. This happens after states have closed ports and airports.

After completing the training, Plague Inc offers to choose the average difficulty level. There are 4 of them, they differ:

  1. Simple – for beginners, no one washes their hands, doctors do not work, they come into contact with patients.
  2. Medium – for strategists, 67.3% wash their hands, doctors visit hospitals 3 times a week, patients are ignored until the first death.
  3. Plague Inc difficult mode – for geniuses, everyone washes their hands, doctors are on duty 7 days a week, patients are isolated from society.
  4. Nightmare – gene drift changes development, selective medical supervision, doctors conduct research.

If you download Plague Inc for free, then at first most of the content is blocked, and of the types of diseases, only bacteria are available. When you complete it at the middle level, the following types of tests are unlocked:

  • virus;
  • Plague Inc fungus;
  • parasite;
  • prion;
  • nano-virus;
  • bio-weapons.

In addition, special diseases are implemented in Plague Inc on PC and other platforms:

  • The Neurax worm is a microorganism that lives in the brain.
  • The Necroa Virus is a story about a zombie with fast tissue regeneration.
  • The Simia Flu – based on the movie “Planet of the Apes: Revolution”.
  • Death Plague is a sapient bloodlust pathogen.

Some of the modes transform the game interface, add animation, and change the development tree. Dilute gameplay in Plague Inc scenarios. Unlike a normal game, you are thrown into a certain stage with special pathogens or into a world engulfed in a global event. Only those who can adapt to new circumstances will be able to win the victory.

Plague Inc. Is a unique combination of strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation. Your pathogen has just infected the first human on Earth. Now your task is to destroy all of humanity by developing a deadly disease and spreading it throughout the world. In doing so, you will have to overcome everything that humanity will do for its protection.

Beautifully crafted with new gameplay and designed specifically for touchscreen devices, Plague Inc. for Android develops the strategy genre and raises mobile games to a new level. You are fighting against the whole world – the strongest will survive! Developer Plague Inc. was invited to the Atlanta CDC to talk about the disease models used in the game!

Features of Plague Inc.

  • “In the game Plague Inc. an immersive world has been created that engages the general public in serious health issues. ”- Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Gorgeous Retina graphics with a smart interface.
  • A highly detailed hyper-realistic world with advanced AI.
  • Comprehensive help in the game Plague Inc. for Android and learning system.
  • 12 different types of disease with completely different development strategies.
  • Full game save and load.
  • Over 50 countries to be infected, hundreds of disease characteristics to develop and thousands of world events to respond to.
  • Support for game achievements and leaderboards.
  • Add-ons add the brain-dominating Neurax worm, the zombie-spawning Necroa virus, high-speed playthroughs and real-life scenarios!

Plague Inc Walkthrough

The method of playing Plague Inc depends on the chosen disease mode:

  1. For bacteria – pump vomiting and coughing, gradually developing resistance to bacteria up to level 3.
  2. For the virus – develop air and water transmission, starting in a cold country. Once the infection reaches 80% of the world’s population, swing lethal symptoms, supplementing them with the Virus Instability skill.
  3. For the fungus – differs in the complexity of how to complete such a level in the game Plague Inc. First we pump “Explosion and eruption of spores”. Then we upgrade the transmission sources to the second level and spice everything up with the development of symptoms: cough, organ failure, pulmonary edema, pneumonia and fibrosis.

Plague Inc was published in Russian, so you don’t have to understand the complex terminology of developing sores in English. Graphically, all scenarios are similar, except for the appearance of new effects in specific diseases. Download the game Plague Inc from studio offers on Android, iOS and PC. The game contains in-game purchases from 75 to 1150 rubles.

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