Photo Lab is a multifunctional graphic editor that turns original photos into a work of art.

The developers from VicMan offer to combine effects, add animation, embed inscriptions and frames in the picture, and at the same time apply filters and even change the background, defining the boundaries of reality and fiction.

And most importantly, it is not necessary to create in Photo Lab manually, thinking over each step and measuring out the effects for hours, quite the opposite – the editor offers to perfect the pictures in semi-automatic mode, switching between pre-generated templates. A few minutes, and the screen already flaunts an outstanding work, which even professional designers and photographers will envy.

Photo Lab features

  • Filters. The Photo Lab provides for semi-automatic work with the help of pre-prepared tools: filters, color correction, highlights, bokeh effect, focus change. Every detail caught in the frame will look great in seconds. Additionally, the editor offers to “copy” the effects used by third-party authors and transfer them to the working panel in no time for further use.
  • Background. Anyone can change the background – and no knowledge of professional art will come in handy. The only thing that will have to be dealt with is the definition of the subject and the area that should be blurred or replaced. But then it remains only to choose the required topic. As an option – mountains, landscapes, cities. In addition to overly serious proposals, no one bothers to find very comic ones – like the backgrounds of a space station or yet unexplored planets.
  • Double exposure. In Photo Lab, double exposure helps you achieve custom effects and curious presentation. As with the rest of the tools, you don’t have to figure out the details – the desired effect is applied in a semi-automatic mode.
  • Refinement of the image. If the prepared image is hardly outstanding, then why not touch up the details in Photo Lab? Alternatively, you can attach masks, apply makeup, add a bunch of accessories. Yes, some of the details will take some practice, but with the proper skill, even a professional won’t recognize a photomontage.
  • Animation. The idea with animated parts of the picture is still in the testing stage, but now no one bothers to apply the effects of falling snow flakes or raindrops. The resulting GIF-images, unfortunately, are not yet “accepted” everywhere, but VK is definitely glad to see such experiments.

The idea of ​​crossing multiple photos is not new. But Photo Lab provides a collection of templates, frames and labels for each collage.

Updates and Content

Standard updates that fix bugs and problems appear consistently 4-5 times a month. The developers tweak the interface, adjust the quick access panel with settings, add new translations (you can work in Photo Lab online and in Russian for a very long time) and try not to delay the elaboration of other features that greatly affect the final result.

Thematic innovations appear less often – the same filters, effects or frames with stickers are added 2 times a month. But immediately in bulk – in the main menu, you can discover thousands of new possibilities in a matter of seconds, comprehensively changing the approach to the design of already prepared photographs and photographs.

It’s a pity that the innovations are open only for those who decided to download the Photo Lab app on Android or iOS, and then immediately pay for the premium (Pro version). Without a subscription, innovations will appear a month later, albeit in the same quantity and quality. Whether it is worth the wait depends on the desired result. If it is important to amaze the public almost without a break, then and then collecting likes on social networks, you definitely cannot do without investment. In other situations, you can count on a calm installation and without payment.

Versions, Access & Payments

Photo Lab Creative App is officially developed for iOS and Android mobile operating systems. The version for personal computers was never even discussed by the developers, and therefore it will definitely not appear either on Windows or on MacOS.

And no wonder – on older platforms, Photo Lab is able to compete with both Photoshop and Lightroom and thousands of third-party services that have an even wider set of technologies, functions and options. But, if you still have no time to understand the features of complex editors, the full version of Photo Lab for the Nox App Player emulator is already available on the network. And the social capabilities of the graphic editor are partially presented in the browser – on the official website it is easy to view recent works or those that have long been hanging in trends and collecting thousands of likes. It’s a pity to use the search and no one allows you to find your favorite bloggers.

By the way, speaking of versions – in addition to the trial version, which is distributed according to the Freemium model, there is also a Photo Lab Pro edition that hides ads and opens access to premium content, such as custom effects, new decorations and communication with technical support. The cost of the full version of Photo Lab depends on the region and operating system – for iOS prices start from 4.99 per month and from 9.99 per year, for Android everything is much more complicated – prices float and are adjusted for each individual situation.

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Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.0 and up
  • Category Photography
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 7+
  • Download Photo Lab for other OS iOS Windows

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