Parallel Space – allows you to clone and run multiple accounts of the same application at the same time and apply custom themes to clone applications!

As the developers of Parallel Space from LBE Tech suggest, the proposed technology will be useful for communicating on social networks under different logins in real time (without additional authorization and transitions between accounts), and also for launching entertainment, like MMORPG, and pumping different characters into that the time when the main account has already run out of resources. But this is only superficial scenarios – for those who are used to experimenting, there are other ways to get to the truth.

Parallel Space Features

  • Social accounts online at the same time in order to distinguish work from life.
  • Double your gaming experience and have more fun.
  • Supports almost all applications.
  • Are you worried that your friends are always looking at your phone? Private mode allows you to install apps only in Parallel Space Multi Accounts. Not shown on the main desk of the phone.
  • A list of predefined themes can be found in the Theme Store and applied to some cloned applications in Parallel Space.
  • Users can express their uniqueness by creating a customizable space where they can style some of their social networks in Parallel Space Multi Accounts with beautiful themes.
  • Most convenient, most stable.
  • Unique: Parallel Space runs on MultiDroid, which is the first virtual engine on Android.

Settings & Support

The developers are updating the content with enviable regularity: a few months after the release, the options for automatically launching selected scenarios appeared in the section with options (as an option – activating an account on the VK social network or switching to an entertainment mode with specified coordinates), push notifications settings were opened , and most importantly, an algorithm for working with the maximum saving of traffic and battery power has appeared. The listed functions did not come as a surprise to the community – some options have been asking for a long time and have become a long-awaited decoration of an already high-quality product.

The Parallel Space service is distributed exclusively on the Android mobile platform. The exclusivity is not accidental – the service is based on an experimental MultiAndroid emulator, which opens access to those functions that even on computers in some cases remain prohibited (we are talking about simultaneously launching several windows with software). On iOS, this is still only a dream. By the way, about the price tag – you won’t have to pay for the offered content, but you still need to get additional benefits, like getting rid of ads. How much depends on the region.

You can free download Parallel Space for Android on our website. - thousands of popular games, apps and the new items. Free Download Parallel Space for Android the latest version for your phone or tablet and use it with pleasure.

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