Operate Now: Hospital is an original doctor simulator, with elements of strategy and an advanced manager.

You play the role of a new doctor who must save people, oversee the work of the hospital and properly distribute funding. Operate Now Hospital begins as a real TV novel. The main character goes to replace another, more experienced doctor, meets the staff and immediately questions his professionalism.

In order for the protagonist to prove his professional suitability, he will have to:

  • Participate in operations of varying complexity.
  • Build new special wards.
  • Correctly allocate available workers by assigning them to operations or sending them to the break room to replenish their strength.

Operate Now Hospital the game offers to go through the formation as a doctor through the first task:

  1. One of the construction workers working to rebuild the hospital fell and ripped open his stomach.
  2. We need to put stitches and clean the wound.

We are rewarded with cash bonuses, experience points and the personal files of new employees for completing any kind of mission, whether it be operations or the distribution of working personnel. The only way to complete the Operate Now Hospital game is to constantly increase your level, unlocking new types of operations.

Among other features, the mechanics of the time spent on missions should be highlighted. To quickly cope with the tasks set, they suggest using golden hearts that instantly complete actions. They are received for the contribution of real currency, daily visit to the game or as a reward.

Operate Now Hospital is a TV drama-style medical adventure in which you’ll be a surgeon, assemble a medical team and run a hospital. In this realistic simulation game, your task is to form a team of highly qualified doctors to perform operations on patients and make your hospital become the leading hospital in the world. Get your surgeon’s suit and gloves ready!

Get ready for emergencies where human lives depend on your speed! Make critical decisions and perform complex surgeries and many other medical procedures on your patients. As the storyline of Operate Now Hospital develops, you will see snippets of memories that will help you get to know your patients better and remind you of important moments in your medical career.

At every step of your medical adventure, you will be accompanied by loyal allies who will help you achieve your goals. You will face difficult situations, but a good surgeon never gives up. Show what you are capable of and increase the reputation of the hospital.

Features of Operate Now: Hospital

  • Drama-infused storylines
  • Realistic Operations Simulator
  • Perform complex medical procedures
  • Operate Now Hospital – Become the Best Surgeon
  • Manage and optimally manage equipment, finances and hospital staff
  • Assemble a top-notch medical team

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.2 and up
  • Category Simulation
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 12+
  • Download Operate Now: Hospital for other OS Not available