Family Budget is a multifunctional software tool focused on controlling expenses and income and optimizing cash flows using tips, recommendations and planning elements.

The developers suggest doing business and keeping track of the remaining balance regardless of currencies, time and billing periods – the only thing worth understanding: the methods of collecting statistics (from personal accounts of Internet banks or manually) and synchronization. After all, the budget will have to be in the “family” circle, which means that everyone should have access to useful information.

Functional content of the service Family budget

  • The family budget was originally developed in the format of a kind of calculator that calculated the difference between income and expenses and tells what expenses appeared in a month and whether it is worth tightening up before the salary. But after the release of the trial version, the developers changed their approach and significantly expanded the functionality:
  • Collecting statistics. Information about incomes in the “Family Budget” comes mainly in an automatic manner – from third-party services: personal accounts of Internet banks, payment services, e-wallets. The developers offer up to ten sources of income and expenses to attach to the account, and even without a paid subscription. An alternative way of doing business is to fill in the data manually (date of payment or receipt of funds, amount, category selection), but, as practice suggests, it is easier to lose some data.
  • By the way, it’s not worth worrying about adding wallets and personal accounts – the developers have provided for the protection of confidential information, and at the same time exclude the transfer of statistics to servers without encryption. That is, no one will ever know about the “Family Budget”.
  • Budget planning. Anyone can calculate the difference between income and expenses – even without professional software at hand. But planning every step and eliminating problems with money before paychecks is much more difficult. The developers offer to monitor every ruble spent, and at the same time – to receive personalized recommendations based on recent actions and events. It will be much easier to accumulate the required amount!
  • Customize categories and interface. The Family Budget service is flexible to visual changes. The developers offer to change the arrangement of buttons, design and appearance of categories dedicated to food, tourism or purchases of household appliances. It is worth changing even a couple of parameters and the interface will become truly individual and predictable.
  • Selects the method of data output. As in other planners, the “Family Budget” provides an option that changes the look of the collected statistics. You don’t have to look at the confusing numbers in tables and charts, why not look at the charts? It’s a lot easier to get to the answers you want!
  • Synchronization. And, perhaps, the main advantage of the service is the ability to combine several accounts at once for comprehensive control. And we are not necessarily talking about spouses, the parent committee in educational institutions and other institutions wishing to control the available finances can work with the “Family Budget” assistant.

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires Android 2.1 and up
  • Category Finance
  • Developer maloii
  • Content Rating 3+
  • Download My Wallet for other OS iOS Windows