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My SAPK BKN is a civil service application system for the Civil Service Agency that is designed to facilitate the work of civil servants in all agencies so that they can access personnel data including PNS profile data, virtual KPI , promotion and retirement service notifications, E-Lapkin, KTP Data, BPJS Health, Taspen and others. So it is hoped that national employment data will be more accurate.

My SAPK BKN Features

ASN employee profile

  • Master data
  • Group data
  • Location data
  • Location data
  • Education data
  • Personal data
  • Family data

MySAPK service

  • MyKPE
  • SK authentication
  • e-Lapkin (Performance Report)

Update Mandiri data through the MySAPK application, which consists of the following data:

  • Location data
  • SKP data
  • Training data
  • Education data
  • Award Details
  • Achievement data
  • Course data

Latest news

Account notifications and settings

Other data

  • BPJS Employment Data
  • BPJS Health Data
  • Taspen Data
  • Identity data

How to use My SAPK BKN

To use the MySAPK application, you must first register as an ASN (State Civil Administration) in the BKN system. And you must first log in before you can access the services and data contained in the MySAPK app.

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