Music Racer for Android

Music Racer for Android

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Music Racer is a mix of rhythmic time killer, race and runner.

Download your favorite tracks, wait for them to integrate into the level and collect bits for auto purchases. Music Racer is a race in which a track is created based on your music! The length, speed and mood of each race depends on the melody you choose. Listen to your favorite music and collect beats to get into the beat!

Music Racer Features

  • Different levels
  • Various cars
  • Great graphics and effects
  • Retrowave

The development and publishing was carried out by the Russian studio AbstractArt, known for another project of a similar genre – Music Slayer. The game has been released for Android, iOS and PC. You can pass Music Racer online or without the need for an Internet connection, content with the music on the device. For real currency, they turn off advertising or buy bits in addition. The size of the replenishment ranges from 59 to 319 rubles.

Minimum system requirements to play Music Racer:

  • Android 5.0 Lollipop;
  • iOS 9.0;
  • Windows 7 / CPU: 1.2 GHz / RAM: 1 GB / Video: 256 MB / HDD: 200 MB.

If you want to download Music Racer to your smartphone, get ready for an ambiguous economic basis. The amount of in-game currency per track varies from 500 to 2000 points. Collecting them all in the first race is difficult, which is why at the end of the race 50-75% of the maximum earnings drips to the player’s account. Thus, in order to open the most expensive car, you will have to collect 1000 bits over 200 races. Not a bad option for those who will return to the game to relax, but not the best solution for fans to collect virtual content.

Online game in Music Racer

As of mid-August 2019, online play on Music Racer remains unavailable. The developers do not indicate when they will add online mode to the general access, but a promising item in the main menu “Play Online” hints at an imminent release. If you are interested in the further development of the project, on the title screen there is a link to the official developer pages on VKontakte and Facebook. There is also no way to play Music Racer online on a PC – we are waiting for the coveted update.

Additional Information

  • License Free
  • OS Android 5.0 and up
  • Category Music
  • Developer AbstractArt
  • Content Rating 3+

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