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Description is a virtual analogue of the food chain, where players try on images of animals, fight for food and become the first in the ranking.

Start as a field mouse, gain weight and transform into a fire-breathing dragon. There are 3 types of animals to play at

  1. aquatic;
  2. land;
  3. arctic.

The choice of a beast in determines on which of the 4 biomes it will appear initially:

  • ocean;
  • drier;
  • frosty expanses;
  • desert.

For example, a land rabbit will not be able to survive in the desert because of the heat or will quickly freeze in the ice. Before the start of the game session, the division of animal images into habitats with a transparent colored background is provided:

  1. Green – live on grassy soil.
  2. Brown is a desert animal capable of dwelling in the green climate zone.
  3. Blue is fish and other aquatic creatures.
  4. Dirty gray – Arctic inhabitants. is based on evolution. For a character to take on a different form, the player must collect XP. How many experience points are needed for the next form is shown on the scale at the bottom of the screen. Having accumulated points, 4-6 animals are offered to choose from. If the user does not have time to choose, after 10 seconds his character takes the form of the next animal from the same animal kingdom. The mass is increased for:

  • Eating vegetables, fruits, meat, marked with a green outline.
  • Killing other players.
  • Being near a purple booster automatically grants XP for being around.
  • By biting an opponent.

In addition, creatures cannot survive without water, which will happen to drink from a nearby source (depicted as a blue circle). It is often found next to a berry bush (pink circle). The peculiarity of animal evolution in is that the present form is able to absorb previous incarnations. Deer can eat blue, rabbit, mouse and alternative species of animals of other species. Accordingly, the higher the animal in the food chain, the more it can absorb creatures.

Abilities in

Transformed into, additional abilities are unlocked. The animals of the first level are endowed with basic skills: run fast, dive under water. Skills are activated on a separate key displayed on the bottom left. The change of form opens up skills inherent only in this animal or its analog from another group. Example:

  • The rabbit is pulling out a burrow for cover.
  • The donkey kicks with its hooves, stunning the one behind.
  • The elephant beats with its trunk in front of it.
  • T-rex, similar to a shark, clangs its jaws, damaging nearby opponents. He has a passive skill when he bites automatically.
  • The dragon spews flames, soars higher than the rest.
  • Yeti is freezing.

After activating the skill, it begins to recharge. Therefore, try to use it on deadly enemies nearby. In the PC version, the way to use the ability in is to tap on the left and right mouse buttons, use the W key.

Dragon Transformation

The most common question is how to become a dragon in They turn into a standard dragon from an elephant, giant spider, whale or mammoth, having accumulated 1 million experience (mass). Only takes damage from opponents of the same level. Having accumulated 10 million masses, he reincarnates into the Black Dragon. Key features of the pangolin:

  • absorbs lava instead of water on the Volcano mini-biome;
  • capable of shooting three fireballs;
  • accumulates infinite mass;
  • can be eaten in 1v1 battles;
  • unable to survive in frosty climates.

In, the black dragon is the final form of transformation, creatures of higher rank do not exist in the game. Having mentioned the main monsters inherent in all biomes. The strongest of the rest:

  • king of crabs;
  • yeti;
  • frog (jungle animal, poisons other animals);
  • hornet.

Skins in can be changed by players who play through the Chrome browser on a PC. The mobile version of the browser, like the application, lacks the function of replacing the original files.

Game Tips

Apart from the players above the level, the online game is dangerous if the user is deprived of a source of water. This affects the difficulty at the initial stage of choosing the type of beast:

  • aquatic creatures – they need water at first, take it from their habitat, the easiest option for beginners;
  • land – water droplets appear near puddles in large quantities;
  • arctic part of the map – water is in several places;
  • desert – the water is least of all, which is why you have to fight for it or move to the ocean.

Water in is part of the complexity. The hardest to start with animals from cold climates: the smallest biome, a large concentration of players in one place, when leaving the cold, the animals ignite. Life-saving tips:

  1. When you see a predator nearby, use acceleration. Move in the direction of obstacles. If the enemy is larger, he will not be able to get through.
  2. Use the opportunity to dive or take off. If you have the ability, dig holes and hide there. Immortality works there.
  3. Attack the enemy with a weaker rank, even with a few bites you can get plenty of mass to speed up your progress.
  4. Before starting a batch, select the region with the most people. So the chance to swing is greater, due to the presence of weakly leveled opponents.

Graphics, Sound, Control looks minimalistic, like other projects with the IO prefix. The images of animals are depicted in a circle format and differ in size depending on the species and the mass used, which resembles To match the animals, implemented a little detailed map with prominent islands of fruit, water and other food. Special actions of living creatures are accompanied by additional animation, such as spreading wings of flying creatures or the appearance of a hole after digging by a hare or a mole. Poisoned animals are highlighted in green, the fire indicates the burning spread to the animal.

You cannot select music. There is nothing to note about it, but it is enough to provide a comfortable gameplay. It is important that it does not distract from the main action. The controls at are ambiguous. On the one hand, the virtual stick can be called anywhere on the screen.

On the other hand, on mobile devices in, animals do not move as smoothly as on PC: the beast moves in, because of a delay in response time, the creatures turn a little later, periodically ignore the orders given to them. The game is available with an English translation, which does not harm the gameplay in any way. You can set a username in Russian. Please note that the nickname will be displayed in the TOP 10 table by weight.

The port was handled by the developer of the original idea – Stan Tatarnykov. You can download for Android and iOS devices. Computer users can delve into the gameplay through the browser. A prerequisite is an Internet connection. There is no paid content, there are ad units after each death, you cannot turn them off.

The success of did not come as a surprise – the developers took the working form, from above – they screwed on non-standard elements for the genre, increased the complexity and thought about the release on mobile platforms, then finalized the optimization and brought the server to perfection.

But, as it turned out, they are not going to stop at the achieved heights and are already working on improvements to for example, in front of the active community members there are already additional modes, the ability to customize skins, a changed balance and even new animations for dealing damage. In a word, there will be no time to get bored – it’s time to start learning the rules and goals!

Additional Information

  • License Free
  • OS Android 4.4 and up
  • Category Adventure
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 3+

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