Minecraft is an action game with non-linear gameplay.

The main feature is complete freedom of creativity in terms of filling the playing space with your own buildings. Minecraft was originally released on PC, but later versions of Minecraft appeared on the phone.

The game was originally developed by just one developer named Markus Persson. Markus started developing Minecraft in 2008, inspired by the game Infiniminer, the “pixel” style of which he borrowed. The first version of Minecraft came out in 2009 and was completely free. For a couple of months, the ability to download Minecraft for free disappeared as the game went commercial.

In 2011, Minecraft was released for Android. In 2014, the game was bought by Microsoft, which is still developing new versions. The graphics in the game are stylized as a “pixel” look: all objects and characters in Minecraft are composed of square blocks. Everything looks nice, because it’s just stylization, the game itself works in high resolutions, up to 4K.

There is no plot and end goal in Minecraft. The player controls the character from a first-person perspective. Maps in Minecraft are randomly generated independently, but at the beginning of the game, you can change some of the generation parameters. After the start of the game, the player’s character goes to a random place on the map. He can move in any direction, but not all locations can be accessed just like that, certain items are needed.

An important role in Minecraft is played by the blocks that make up the whole world here. Blocks differ in color, texture and characteristics. With a pickaxe or other tools in the inventory, the player can extract useful materials from blocks. The mined materials can be used to create new cube items. This process is called “crafting” in Minecraft. The construction of new objects is similar to the constructor, which is one of the main features of the game. The player can build any objects from blocks in Minecraft, be it houses, vehicles or animals, everything is limited only by his imagination and the resources available at the moment.

The game has a change of day and night. At night, various monsters such as zombies and spiders appear. The player can defend against them with objects, or set up barricades for protection in advance during the day. There is a village on any Minecraft map, more often than not one. There the player can exchange mined diamonds for items of local residents. All residents in Minecraft belong to different professions, so you can buy different items from different characters.

Minecraft has 3 modes:

  1. Survival is standard mode. In it, the player explores the world, obtains items, defends himself from enemies.
  2. Hardcore – similar to Survival, but only one life is given here, and after the death of the game character all save is deleted.
  3. Creativity – a mode without limits and enemies. All blocks and things from Minecraft are initially available in it. This mode is played to build large-scale and impressive structures.

All modes can be played alone or online.

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Additional Information
  • License Paid
  • Requires Android 4.2 and up
  • Category Arcade
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 7+
  • Download Minecraft for other OS Not available