Lords Mobile is a landmark military tactical strategy game with an inventive economic system, memorable medieval style and a complex combat system that forces you to carefully calculate every step before the start of the battle.

In addition to well-thought-out competitive mechanics, the IGG developers have not forgotten about close social interaction – every virtual strategist in the Lords Mobile universe is far from alone: ​​thanks to diplomacy, cooperative battles and non-aggression pacts, you will have to cunningly select allies and enemies, hoping to outlast competitors and turn into invincible leader.

The competitive concepts and benefits of Lords Mobile

  • In Lords Mobile, events unfold on the global map, where you have to command troops, raid, extract resources and subdue those who are weak and powerless, and on a miniature one – where it is important to issue orders related to the construction of new mines or – the development of barracks. As a result, you have to always switch between responsibilities, trying not to lose sight of anything and bypass opponents on all fronts.
  • In addition to the economy and military craft, the developers also provided additional tasks, an extensive storyline and secondary modes, such as duels and boss battles. Not all the activity is impressive, but the variety makes things that don’t get any attention pass quickly and unnoticed.
  • Tactical ideas are easy to apply in Lords Mobile. And the main reason for that is the collection of troops and characters. Due to the variety, it is possible to add non-standard combinations and defeat enemies through unexpected decisions and strategic experiments.
  • The atmosphere in the strategy is curious. The developers were able to cross the classic Middle Ages with stone castles and peasants, and fantasy. As a result, along the way, it is easy to find princesses, dragons, magic, and defeated gods.

Distribution Method

Lords Mobile is officially released on mobile platforms. The developers at IGG immediately hoped to impress those accustomed to iOS and Android strategies. The audience gathered quickly, and therefore the developers abandoned the idea of ​​restarting the strategy on personal computers. But, fortunately, no one bothers to use the emulator, if smartphones and tablets are not at hand, and boredom has long come.

The Lords Mobile strategy is distributed according to the classic Free-To-Play model, which provides full access to competitive modes and additional challenges, heroes and other functionality for free, but with restrictions. In fact, everyone is capable of turning into a commander-in-chief, fearlessly peering into the still unexplored expanses of the medieval universe, but how much time you have to spend on such progress is a mystery shrouded in darkness.

Most likely, you will have to visit the main menu every day, spend hours dealing with additional assignments, and just as much more – to win, without room for error. Moving at a similar pace towards perfection is a challenge. That is why the Lords Mobile developers propose to cut the path by half or even three times by replenishing the virtual account with real money. It may be expensive, but effective.

Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 2.3 and up
  • Category Strategy
  • Developer igg.com
  • Content Rating 12+

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