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Lady Popular is the most fun and popular fashion game for girls!

Join our fashion girls community to make friends, show off your fashion style, compete with other girls and conquer fashion catwalks! In Lady Popular fashion game you can create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of and live a life of beauty and high fashion! Start by customizing every aspect of your personal avatar by choosing your skin tone, hairstyle, eyes, makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories, and more.

Decorate your dream apartment with trendy furniture from our stores and get the cutest, most beautiful pets you’ve always wanted! Find the perfect guy and style him with Lady Popular to match your beauty, personality and fashion style. Invite other girls and have an awesome engagement! Plan the perfect wedding and get married! Become a member of a sorority and forge lasting friendships with other girls who love fashion, beauty and competition as much as you do!

Lady Popular Features

  • Shopping mall – All girls love going to the mall, it’s so much fun! Visit the exclusive in-game collections to discover new fashionable outfits and get the trendiest clothes for girls.
  • Beauty Salon – You can have fun at the beauty salon experimenting with different hairstyles, makeup and other beauty accessories.
  • Wardrobe. Since shopping is done on a daily basis, you need a cozy place to store all your fashion items. In Wardrobe you can try on all your clothes, create the most beautiful outfits and save them.
  • Apartment. As a cool lady who loves fashion, you will need a beautiful and trendy space that matches your image as a fashion icon. At Lady Popular, you can choose between tons of furniture and customize every room in your apartment.
  • Fashion Arena is a place in the game where every woman can demonstrate her skills and abilities. Compete with other girls in fashion duels to earn rewards, gain experience and become the most popular girl in the most popular fashion game!
  • Beauty Contest – Showcase your sense of beauty and fashion by competing with other girls to see who looks the best! In addition to participating in this part of the game, you can also participate in beauty pageants as a judge to help determine the most beautiful girl in the pageant.
  • Contests. Millions of girls from all over the world play our fashion game, so it’s not easy to say who is the best at fashion. For this reason, girls compete in weekly and monthly fashion contests to determine who is the most stylish.
  • Events – Events are something that all the girls at Lady Popular love, as there is always something new going on in the game. A set of fantastic new prizes and rewards are handed out every time an event occurs in the game!
  • Boys and Engagement – Every Cool Couple Needs an Amazing Engagement! Invite your new friends and celebrate your special day as you always imagined.
  • Clubs – Join a sorority, befriend other girls and compete against other clubs to win awesome trophies.
  • Chat – Use in-game chat to chat with other girls about beauty, fashion, pageants, and most importantly, discuss other women’s fashion sense!

Install Lady Popular NOW to discover these and many other cool features that have made this fashion game an absolute hit with girls all over the world!

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