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Kingdom Rush is an inventive tower defense strategy game.

A distinctive feature of the application is a bright visual style, the presence of heroes and several levels of tower upgrades. The plot tells how the defense of the Kingdom of Kingdom Rush takes place.

It all starts with the fact that the inhabitants of the South Port report about the attack on them by strange people. You, in the role of a general, are sent to figure out what is happening, where you find not ordinary robbers, but belligerent goblins. From this moment on, the hero will have a glorious campaign in the name of the human race, for which a full-sized map is open in Kingdom Rush.

The submission of missions in the game occurs progressively – after completing a task, a new one opens and so on until the very end. The game is divided into three difficulties:

  1. Beginner – suitable for beginners;
  2. The Brawler is ideal for seasoned players;
  3. The veteran is a real challenge that only the most persistent can handle.

Kingdom Rush passage begins with a tutorial stage, where the player is taught the basics. These include the division into 4 types of towers:

  1. Archers – have a high rate of fire and a high radius of damage.
  2. Barracks – needed to summon soldiers that block further movement of enemy troops.
  3. Guild of Mages – Deals magic damage.
  4. Artillery – damage from shots spreads over the area, hitting several enemies at once.

Kingdom Rush towers acquire new levels and varieties as you progress. So, after the third improvement, you can choose one of two alternative development branches. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which should be considered based on the characteristics of the map and enemies. You can place towers only in strictly limited places, which affects the strategy.

Kingdom Rush is one of the few TDs with heroes. What’s interesting is that they can be controlled manually, giving orders to move to a specified point. For killing monsters from the opponent’s army, they receive experience that increases the level. For each level, skill points are put, which must be distributed, opening the special attacks of the warriors.

In Kingdom Rush, it’s hard to tell who the best hero is, given that only three of them are available for free. Others become active only after the contribution of real currency. Conventionally, they are all divided into the following types:

  • Warriors – have good armor, fight in close combat.
  • Dodgers – can inflict damage from afar, endowed with weak health, but high damage.
  • Mages / Summoners – do magic damage, some of them have a huge supply of health.

Kingdom Rush Walkthroughs

As mentioned above, Kingdom Rush is broken down into levels. For their passage, a reward in the form of stars is supposed – from 1 to 3. The number of the latter depends on how many enemies have passed death and went to the village / kingdom. If 20 enemies pass through the passage, the level will be considered lost.

One of Kingdom Rush’s ways is how to pass, earn stars and spend them on buying passive upgrades for towers, a special skill in the form of a meteor shower and increasing the characteristics of soldiers called for help.

After completing the main task in Kingdom Rush, additional levels of challenges are opened, which can bring one additional star each if they are completed:

  • Heroic Challenge – You only have one life and towers are limited to a certain level. Only elite units act as enemies, a boss may appear.
  • Iron Challenge is the hardest way to complete Kingdom Rush. Lives are limited to one unit, you cannot build certain types of towers.

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