King of Avalon is a massive medieval strategy game for mobile platforms released in 2016.

Its release was expected by many fans of the genre and, in general, the development met the expectations: the game turned out to be exciting and diverse. Despite the fact that the main component of this strategy is battles, there are also activities for PWE lovers – the game is replete with options.

King of Avalon – grow up a dragon and create your army to raise Excalibur and become a real leader. This is a war, and here you have to win! Build your empire and choose a strategy: rush into battle or develop diplomacy, trade with your allies or destroy enemy castles. Connect your friends all over the world to the game and unite with them in an alliance. Your clan of knights and lords will become the most powerful in the universe. King Arthur died and now his throne is empty. The Medieval Game of Thrones has already begun!

King of Avalon Strategy Features

  • War is everywhere. You and your friends should be ready to repel enemy attacks. Build bases, defensive towers and build up your army. Remember that you are not the only one who wants to take over the empty throne.
  • Do research and get rewards. Find out when to hide and when to invade.
  • Lay the foundation for an empire. Build towers and defensive walls. Your castle must withstand the dragon battle zone.
  • The dragon is a legendary weapon of mass destruction. What will your dragon be like?
  • One is not a warrior in the field. Join the battle with the dark barbarians with your clan. Build the trust of your allies.
  • The easy translation feature helps thousands of players around the world communicate with each other in real time in different languages.
  • Wide range of warriors: mercenaries, horsemen, archers, knights, sorcerers and many more.
  • The legend of the knight of Camelot comes to life right in the game. Eerie monsters and stunning graphics will delight you.

First of all, we note that the game King of Avalon can be downloaded to your Android and iOS mobile device. Registration is not required at the entrance to the game, which significantly reduces the time spent on empty formalities instead of enjoying the gameplay. At the same time, the developers of the King of Avalon and experienced players recommend linking an account so as not to lose progress in the future if something happens to the smartphone.

You can do this right in your character’s profile – the process takes little time. Account binding is especially necessary for players who plan to donate to the game – such an option is provided in King of Avalon, despite the fact that the application itself can be downloaded from the Market for free.

So, the game is downloaded, and the account is linked, so now you can start the most important thing – the gameplay. First, the player is introduced to the plot – it cannot be called original, but this is enough to create a context. The irreparable happens in Avalon – King Arthur is defeated, and the hero’s treacherous nephew, Mordred, is guilty of this.

Excalibur turns out to be imprisoned in stone, and Avalon in fear expects what else will happen, because the main villain, Morgana, went on the warpath. She enchanted the Black Forest and now all the lords are forced to fight monsters in an attempt to cross the cursed lands and get to the royal throne and gain unlimited power. The player will become one of these lords – in his hands the future of his city and his own destiny.

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