Kahoot is a playful learning platform that makes your students ask for more. With a refreshing new perspective on subject presentation, forming appreciation and deep discussion, Kahoot! initiates conversation by leaving students at the edge of their seats.

Kahoot delivers 100% engagement by transforming the classroom into a game show, combining multiplayer game learning, ease of use, and mobile technology to create an immersive social experience that leaves everyone completely captured and engrossed in the subject. Kahoot provides deep learning through the creation of educational games and new insights through playing them.

Kahoot Features

  • This is a student controller application for Android devices to join the game; Register at getkahoot.com to create, discover, launch and play games
  • Works on any device with a web browser! Students join the game on kahoot.it if they are using a non-Android device
  • Save time evaluating! Access to game data for all students, understanding what they answer each question and how quickly; allowing them to tailor their training accordingly
  • Game Pedagogy takes students from Student to Leader by creating their own classmate games
  • Choose from hundreds of thousands of existing games from the Kahoot community

Social engagement and progress

The developers suggest starting acquaintance with Kahoot with the section My Games, where tests and quizzes from community members are collected. Selected tasks are presented in several modes: choosing a suitable answer from four suggested ones, collecting puzzles, checking statements for compliance with the truth. Regardless of the scenario, the main task is to score the maximum number of points in the minimum period of time to get into the final leaderboard.

An important advantage of Kahoot is the non-standard presentation of information, which is why even search engines are unlikely to help find suitable hints or ready-made solutions. So you have to strain your gyrus with might and main and use erudition.

An alternative way to have fun is to look into the configurator and manually build a new test for any of the topics. Kahoot will tell you how to proceed! Play & Create Quizzes: But even beginners won’t get confused there. Suitable sections have already been prepared, all that remains is to enter the answers and type the questions. The finished quiz will appear in the community feed and will be available for everyone to pass (along with the leaderboard).

Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 5.0 and up
  • Category Education
  • Developer kahoot.com
  • Content Rating 3+

App Rating

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