Jade Dynasty for Android

Jade Dynasty for Android

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Jade Dynasty – followers of the Tayo school have found a way to tame not only the rebellious fire element, but also demons from the world of darkness.

Powerful spells allow them to fight multiple enemies at the same time, and summoned demonic creatures protect mages who are vulnerable in melee combat. Crush your enemies on the battlefield and prove your superiority!

Jade Dynasty is a multiplayer RPG game. The goal of the participant in this toy is to destroy monsters, this is where Chinese mythology comes into play, since these fabulous monsters are borrowed from it.

The mobile version of the world famous MMORPG Jade Dynasty takes the player into an incredible fantasy world, where adherents of different schools fight each other in the hope of finding the secret of immortality.

Features of Jade Dynasty

  • Free Mount Fly!
  • Unlimited 3D panoramic flight with no height restrictions – you can fly wherever you want!
  • Wide possibilities of character customization.
  • Jade Dynasty’s massive cross-server PVP battles!
  • 4 teachings: noble magicians of Aine, fearless warriors of Hakkan, cunning swordsmen Wim and peaceful healers of Skaia. Make your choice, declare full-scale war on other clans and prove that your school is the strongest!
  • Your clan is your family. Play a wedding, recruit students, create the most friendly clan and open special events!
  • Incredible mobile-optimized HD graphics, allowing you to fully enjoy detailed and colorful landscapes.

Additional Information

  • License Free
  • OS Android 4.4 and up
  • Category Adventure
  • Developer 101xp.com
  • Content Rating 3+

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