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ivi is an application with which you can watch an unlimited number of films alone or with your family. Now the application is available not only on TVs, but, of course, on mobile devices for free. No need to turn on your TV, just take your mobile device and watch ivi on it.

In this case, the TV screen is large, but the phone is also a help. For example, if you are on the road, but want to relax and watch a movie, then this application would be ideal. You just need to have a mobile Internet or WIFI with you. The ivi application is very simple and will be convenient for everyone. You just need to go to the search for films, and find what you want to watch there. In addition to the usual search, there is also the main page, where the most popular films are located, as well as those that have recently been released.

ivi is one of the best and most popular applications for watching films, cartoons and TV series from the largest online cinema in Russia and the CIS. Millions of users from all over the world have made a choice in our favor, saying to themselves: “ivi is my movie!”. The ivi developers offer to interact with the added series, cartoons and movies in two ways – in real time and “over the network”, or by uploading files directly to the internal or external memory for viewing without access to the Internet. This option is not always available, and only applies to exclusive content available by subscription.

Of the additional advantages of ivi content – competent sorting according to various aspects: genre, year, director, filtering by ratings, the ability to purposefully select an option, according to already drawn up combinations (the best TV series or Soviet comedy). The search for ivi is accelerated several times, but the result is not always close to what you need. Sometimes, for some unprecedented reason, pictures with very frivolous assessments are included in the rating, perhaps this is how a data synchronization failure manifests itself, but there is no way to know for sure.

ivi features

  • a unique recommendation system and a personalized interface are tailored to your preferences and, based on ratings and browsing history, offer you exactly what you want to see.
  • ivi is a huge catalog of films, TV series and cartoons in high quality from all over the world, including both the largest Hollywood and domestic blockbusters, as well as niche independent projects up to the Yakut neonuar detective.
  • the ability to continue browsing with one touch on any of the devices connected to your ivi-account.
  • new movies appear on ivi as quickly as possible, most of the series become available immediately after the broadcast on TV, and some even before it.
  • ivi – a large number of films, TV series and cartoons can be watched for free – only a small part of the catalog is available for a fee.
  • the ability to add movies to “watch later” so that you can return to them in your spare time.
  • with a convenient and advanced notification system, you will not miss the release of the cool discussed blockbuster – we will notify you in a way convenient for you.
  • ivi – the ability to download premium films, cartoons and TV series into the device memory and watch them without access to the Internet.
  • there is a convenient way to sort films by genre, country, release year, budget, ratings Kinopoisk and IMDb and other parameters.
  • a large number of top children’s cartoons and TV series that can be watched continuously will make it easy to keep your child busy and entertained.
  • ivi is completely legal, and each of your viewing brings profit not to pirates, but to the producers of the films you watch, which will give them the ability to shoot even more awesome movies.

Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.0 and up
  • Category Entertainment
  • Developer ivi.ru
  • Content Rating 12+

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