Growtopia for Android

Growtopia for Android


Growtopia is one of the representatives of the sandbox games genre.

The game was released by Robinson Technologies Corporation and appeared in mobile app stores back in 2014. Since then, the developers have made a number of significant changes to the game, which only increased the number of its loyal fans. Growtopia in its current form can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS mobile devices.

The game world of this vast sandbox is an extensive network of separate worlds, which the player will have to equip. The main tools are your own hands and limitless imagination, with which you can create your own game server, grow trees with resources and enjoy life with your friends. In addition to creating your own world, the player can go to any other open Growtopia server and continue playing on it, mining resources and crystals.

The only purpose of the game is to have fun with what is happening. To do this, Growtopia has multiplayer, which allows you to share the fun with your friends, but this is possible only after creating an account. In other cases, registration is not required – this provides the player with the fastest and most hassle-free connection.

Growtopia’s main currency is Red Crystals, obtained from a variety of game activities. The player’s task is to break down obstacles on his way, dig up the ground, grow trees, collect resources from them and build all kinds of passages. In order to craft any items in Growtopia, the player needs to know the recipes. So, to get a door, you need to combine earth and stone, and from lava and stone you will create glass. There are no more than ten recipes in the game, in addition, the game gives hints from the very beginning.

Growtopia is a game about collecting and protecting items while playing and interacting with people from all over the world. Your belongings MAY and WILL be stolen if you do not keep them safe. This is part of the gameplay and stolen items will not be recovered. All items needed to prevent theft are available in the game. Use them wisely! Growtopia is a creative sandbox MMO platform.

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