Google Pay – the contactless payment system has become a part of the life of modern people.

Now users of smartphones with an NFC sensor do not need to carry around a bunch of bank or discount cards to pay in the store. All the necessary information on devices running Android OS is available through the Google Pay application.

Getting Started

Before setting up Google Pay, we recommend that you make sure your smartphone has an NFC sensor. You can find out about this by reading the documentation for the gadget or using the item with the characteristics of the device on the official website of the manufacturer. Another way is to download a special application, of which there are a huge number.

After it became clear that the phone has NFC, it’s time to download a program for making payments in a contactless way and figure out how to use Google Pay. Payment via the app will be available after activating the app. At the first launch, you will need to link the card to Google Pay, read the terms of use, activate a secure screen lock and confirm the card via SMS or a call to the call center.

How do I pay for purchases using the Google Pay app?

The program is designed so that people can pay for purchases at the checkout of any store without using physical bank and discount cards. A similar payment method is available on terminals with support for PayPass or PayWave contactless technologies. As a rule, such terminals are located in the vast majority of stores, and the seller can recommend the buyer to pay without using a physical bank card.

Before you pay with Google Pay, you need to turn on the smartphone screen and bring the gadget to the terminal. Especially for those who have doubts about whether Google Pay needs the Internet or not, the answer is yes. Any payments are allowed offline. Paying with your Google Pay phone is instant. However, if the purchase amount exceeds the limit of 1000 rubles, you will have to additionally enter the PIN-code from the card. This measure is also taken in the case of physical cards that support contactless payment technology.

How to link a new card?

It’s very easy to add a card to Google Pay. At the first start, the program requires you to link one of the bank cards. In the future, it is allowed to add not only one, but several in order to free your wallet. The application supports cards of most banks in the Russian Federation, including Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff, Yandex.Money and others.

If the necessary cards are already linked to your Google account, then you will not have to go through additional identification. Otherwise, it can be scanned through the application or entered manually. The card is scanned very easily. It is enough to go to the section with connected cards, click “Add another card” and select the corresponding icon with the camera. If the card is brought exactly to the designated area, it will automatically register in the system.

Another way of registering a card in the system involves full data entry. It includes 3 numbers on the back, the owner’s first and last name, full residential address and telephone number. This method will take a little more time, but it shouldn’t be difficult to add a new card.

Google Pay contactless payment occurs through linking to a virtual account that is created by the application. That is, after adding another bank card, it is automatically linked to it. You can find out the number of your virtual Google Pay account if you go to the Google Pay settings and open the “Requisites” section.

The Google Pay app changes everything. The life of a modern person is no longer tied to a wallet and cards. From now on, the smartphone will allow you to pay for purchases anywhere in the world without worrying about security and problems with protecting confidential data. Developers from Google have long made a splash in the field of modern technologies and clearly do not stop at the achieved successes. So why wait and stand aside from the main trend of our time? Isn’t it time to try Google Pay first-hand, a completely new shopping tool? And there, and friends can be advised.

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